Solar Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the growing buzzword nowadays. It is one growing concept which creates more jobs and encourages more creativity. One such field where you can exhibit entrepreneurship is a solar business. There is a grave need for promoting clean energy given the level of pollution and the sharp rise in its percentage. The market for solar products is constantly and there are ample opportunities to choose from. You can sell both solar products and solar services. This market is growing in countries like Japan, China, India, Germany, Italy, UK etc.

Before actually investing in a product or service, Bluesmart understands the needs of your market and take a more calculative step. People across the globe like the idea of solar energy and there are businessmen who are ready to invest in such clean energy and make it grow. Long story short, there is a lot of potential customers but is the supply enough for the kind of demand?

You can grow the solar industry in two ways. Either providing a product or a service. There is a number of opportunities to tap in. Some of the product-oriented solar business ideas are:

  • Sell products: There are number of products to sell like PV, solar thermal systems, solar attic fans, solar cooling systems etc.
  • Distributor: Act as a middleman and ensure that you deliver the product in good condition since solar products are expensive. Be a person with technical expertise to assist the wholesaler in distributing it.
  • Create your own solar projects: Start with your area and see what the problem areas are and how much energy can be saved by using solar power during the day. Have a dedicated team for the same and make sure to grow it big because change takes place in your own home.
  • 3rd Party Services: Apart from selling products, you can even sell services like solar insurance, solar cleaning and solar financing.
  • Explore Niche Market: Before diving deep into this industry, do a thorough research of the areas and market which require maximum attention. Understand the demand patterns before supplying any product.

We tried listing a few product-oriented business ideas; now let us understand the service aspect of it. Some of the service-oriented business ideas are:

  • Solar Consultant: Solar industry requires knowledge and expertise. The job of a solar consultant is to provide professional advice in this field regarding installation of solar plants. It is important to install it in the correct to reap the maximum benefits. For this, job of a solar consultant is the perfect job for you.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning: Many people think that their work is done after simply installing the plant. What they fail to understand is the maintenance which needs to be done on a timely basis. As a professional which provides services in only cleaning the solar panel, you will ensure the longevity of the panel.
  • Solar Financial Consultant: There are experts who guide you what kind of solar panels is needed which is the most suitable for your area. They provide the best and the most economical solution so that you do not end up spending more. Such experts are called solar financial consultants.
  • Solar Training School: As mentioned earlier, lack of knowledge and expertise in this area is a hindrance in the way of its growth. Now imagine if you have a school with professional teachers teaching them the technicality of the solar plant, students will get authentic knowledge and will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge into practicality.

There are number of products and services to sell. All you need is one idea and some passion to bring this idea into reality. One such company which did this task is BlueSmart. It is known as the pioneer of the solar street powered lighting industry, commercial solar lighting and even solar street lighting remote management system. It motto revolves around understanding the goals of the customer, study the geographical location where the setup needs to be done and evaluate the design requirement. They believe in providing feasible, reliable, economic and environmental friendly solutions. You can study their projects more closely and get a fair idea as to how they function and what are the technical backgrounds.


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