Startup or Small Business? 4 of the Best Online Tools You Should Be Utilizing

Regardless of whether you are starting a new small business or you have been struggling to grow your business for years, you understandably may be looking for the best online resources to assist you with different tasks and needs. There are numerous technological resources available for small business owners like you to use, and these resources can help you to save time, reduce stress, increase profitability, eliminate unnecessary expenses and more. If you are ready to start improving how you run your business in different ways, take time to consider how using some of these exceptional tools can benefit you.

Exceptional Accounting Tools

Managing finances for your small business is critical, but it can be time consuming. One small error can result in tremendous financial stress. In addition to managing the books properly, you may also need to analyze the data that you generate. Freshbooks is one option to consider if you want to improve how you manage your various business accounts. This tool helps you to create and manage invoices, track time and more. Wave Accounting is another exceptional tool that you can use to improve your business, and this one works specifically for assisting with payroll processing activities. You can also try to use Expensify, which helps you to track and manage your business's expenses and invoices. This improves financial management and helps you with taxes.

Online Marketing Tools

If you are struggling with finding an effective way to market your goods and services or if you are challenged by high marketing costs, you can consider using an online marketplace. There are a variety of online marketplaces (like Groopdealz on Crunchbase) that allow you to list your products for sale in an easy to search platform. MailChimp is a great resource to use if you commonly launch email campaigns because it can help you to customize, time and launch these campaigns. If you are challenged by SEO marketing efforts, SpyFu can help you to select and integrate great keywords that will produce more effective results for you.

Communication Tools

Communication with your in-office staff, your remote workers and even your customers and colleagues can be challenging as well, and the good news is that there are several exceptional communication tools that you can use. For example, Skype is a free service that you can use for online conferencing and text-based chatting. You can even use it to make Internet-based calls, and this can eliminate your need to pay for phone service in some cases. ZenDesk is another option to consider if you want to improve in the area of customer service. It is a support desk tool that makes it faster and easier to respond to your customers’ inquiries.

Human Resources Tools

If you have at least one employee working in your small business, you can easily use various human resources tools to improve your efforts. Zip Recruiter helps you to post job listings as well as score resumes that are submitted to your company. This can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort when you are looking for the right individuals to join your team. AnyPerk is a wonderful resource to consider if you want to save money on the benefits you offer to your team. It can help you to search for great benefits and to identify savings opportunities.

Running a small business can be stressful in many ways. However, you can see that there are numerous tools that are designed specifically for small businesses like yours, and these tools can help you to better run and manage your business. Spend a few minutes exploring each of these exceptional tools today to determine which ones may be most advantageous for you to start using.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.


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