Startups Finding Success in Social Gaming

Gaming is no longer a lone activity. Over the past 10 years, the video game industry has transformed itself from having an individual gamer focus to creating communities of gamers who can share and enjoy in the fun. Now, almost every title released for a gaming system, smart phone or social network has a communal aspect to it; this has created a new frontier for game developers trying to figure out the best way to deliver a collaborative and social-gaming experience.

A New Experience

This digital frontier is not without it’s pitfalls. As fast as a new game can garner an audience, it can lose it. The flash-in-the-pan popularity and revenue a game can bring is only valuable to companies if the success can be sustained. Several gaming startups, such as KoolBit and BragBet, have figured out new ways to create experiences that leverage the social aspect of gamers’ natural competitiveness through games of chance to create a successful, sustainable revenue model.

As KoolBit and BragBet have proven, there is a winning formula in combining social gaming with games of chance. Accordingly, established online casinos are beginning to take notice. Almost every major online casino is ramping up their social side by including features that connect users while fostering competition. With so many online casino options, it can be difficult to find the best one. Gamers have turned to independent sources, such as, for unbiased and informative reviews of online casinos and how they are integrating social gaming into their platforms. aggregates and reviews online casinos keeping in mind the new social-gaming landscape.

User-Friendly Experience

Despite competition from larger, well-established companies, KoolBit has been able to find traction with its casino-style social games. With more than 1 million users, and one of the highest user ratings in the Google Play marketplace, the company has emerged as a major player in social gaming. KoolBit focuses on casual gamers who enjoy simple gambling-type games, such as slots and poker, while providing a fun social experience. Instead of trying to cram a desktop experience onto a mobile platform, Koolbit optimizes its games exclusively for mobile devices.

BragBet is another start-up that blends the social aspect of games with games of chance. At it base, BragBet allows groups of users to sign up, set the stakes and set the rules for winning the stakes. This can range from friendly sports bets to weight-loss challenges. The key is that it offers users a unique way to interact while competing with each other. Since its initial success, BragBet has raised a few million dollars of investment to scale this idea to the mainstream. Using social gaming with friendly competition is poised to become a dominant part of the video game market.

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