Summer Social Media Post Ideas to Create Some Buzz around Your Brand (+ Free Designs)

It’s summer time. Time for vacation, fun, relax and outside activities. If your company specializes in swimwear, outdoor activities, or any other seasonal stuff, you are lucky. But for the rest of us, June, July, and August can be tough for business, and you may be wondering how to keep things fresh.

Even if you would love the thought of taking a breath this summer, there are products to sell, events to plan, proposals to make… Do you know what it’s that one thing that doesn’t stop in the summer? Social media. You can do so many things to build some buzz around you company this summer.

I know we all struggle with content. And It’s not a question of how to automate the process of posting (which of course is not a bad thing), but rather what drains our time is coming up with beautiful, original and entertaining things to post. That’s way we’ve prepared some really cool social media post ideas with design templates that are easy to edit, work for any industry and are FREE to use.

But before diving into the list of awesome design ideas, remember that much of your social media content will be consumed on mobile devices while your customers are enjoying the summer sun. So keep your posts compelling but bite-sized, and if you’ve got any big announcements to make, consider pushing to September when everyone is (finally!) getting back to business.

Summer sale up to 45% (edit the design) Summer sale - up to 45%

Summer moments contest (edit the design) Summer moments contest

Summer sale big discounts (edit the design) Summer sale - big discounts

Less Monday More Summer (edit the design) Less Monday More Summer

Summer savings (edit the design) Summer savings - social media post idea

Summer sale water sports (edit the design) Summer sale - water sports

Summer shoes sale started (edit the design) Summer shoes sale started

Find your vacation place (edit the design) Find your vacation place

Every summer has its own story (edit the design) Every summer has its own story. What's yours? Summer is a state of mind (edit the design) Summer is a state of mind

This summer will be hot (edit the design) This summer will be hot

Best memories are made in flip-flops (edit the design) Best memories are made in flip-flops

Hello Summer (edit the design) Hello summer

It’s summer time – offline (edit the design) It's summer time - offline

Summer Night (edit the design) The summer night is like a perfect of thoughts

Time for holiday - choose a hotel (edit the design) Time for holiday - choose a hotel

Summer savings show today (edit the design) Summer savings show today

I need vitamin sea (edit the design) I need vitamin sea

Summer Sale (edit the design) Summer sale


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