Surprising Startup Ideas That Worked

Nowadays startups are gaining more and more popularity. There are many people developing their own startups.

The statistics of business in the USA shows, how strong is the economy of the state, and how private businessmen help develop it. Every month, 543.000 startups are launched in the country. 60% of the Americans believe that the US is a country convenient for entrepreneurship. Looking at the growing number of immigrants and students who move here every year, it can be said that the local "freedom" is exactly what attracts people.

According to the leading business school in the US Babson College, in 2014, 14.4 million Americans were self-employed - which is 6.6% of the workforce. And the number of small businesses here is growing significantly every year.

As the statistics say, 25% of all start-ups in the U.S. fail. And the likelihood that a young company will never celebrate the five-year anniversary is 49%. The main problem is cash issues.

Every new company needs a startup capital. The more you give — the more you get. The more money you invest in your startup — the higher income you get as a result. Someone borrows money from relatives or friend, but it can spoil your relationships. Despite the increase in the number of young companies that use only their own capital, quite a few startups intend to use external capital. Services like Personal Money Service, which connect a customer with an available loan lender, note that a few startupers often take online loans to succeed in the future.

LiveLike- watch sports live in a virtual reality

LiveLike VR gives sports fans an opportunity to watch a game virtually together with the friends. Each of them can watch a game from a different angle, even sitting next to gates.

It is easy to work with this streaming platform. You just download the application, customize a stadium, choose the avatar and invite your friends to join you.

Currently, LiveLike is available only for IOS, Android, and Samsung GearVR. The majority still does not have the technical ability to use a full-fledged VR in the form of helmets and powerful PCs, but a mobile phone with a headset or cardboard glasses can provide such an opportunity for a fair price.

Soon LiveLike will be supported by the virtual reality headsets Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard VR. With their help, users can communicate, get access to statistics, review highlights of the game from the different angles of the field.

LiveLike should not stop there. For example, Dota 2 is more suitable for virtual reality in its digital essence. Broadcasting of its competitions can gather more customers, than traditional sports events.


Exec is a place where anyone can make $ 25 per hour and anyone can find a professional in the particular field that will do something for $ 25 per hour.

No matter if it's about home cleaning, computer repair, grooming your dog or any other task - Exec is able to find someone near you who will come and do what you need to do in 10 minutes.

Does this application have a brighter future? Exec is widely used only in San Francisco. However, the developers plan to expand the app all over the U.S. and then the rest of the world. And it won't be surprising because the idea is brilliant in its simplicity. In addition to the web version, Exec will be available as an iPhone application.


CleverPet is a game system that automatically awards pets with a treat for performing various tasks.

Everyone knows, that dogs like being entertained, and if you have free time, they will require attention from their owner. But the owners often have to leave their homes alone. Camera-equipped devices like Petzila allow dog owners just to check how their pets are doing and to feed them remotely. And CleverPet is the whole gaming system that automatically awards domestic animals with a treat for doing tricks.

The console is placed on the floor and is made in a form of a bowl. It gives treats with three LED touch buttons. There are different levels of games. The first one offers a treat for no reason. At the second level, to get a treat the pet already needs to press on any key with a paw or nose. The third level involves pressing a certain key, and the more advanced levels suggest that it passes more complex tasks before it gets something delicious.

The console carries out voice commands in order to teach dogs new words, such as "right" and "left". The owners can also use the CleverPet application to track the intensity of the console usage while they are absent. The device is even equipped with an online game mode in which dogs can compete with each other through the CleverPet network and write their records in the leaderboard.

In fact, CleverPet is a training tool for dogs, and also entertains and takes them when there is no one nearby who can play with them. Dog owners can acquire a device by paying the company. There are many other technologies to entertain pets while their owners are away.


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