Top 10 Applications Every Enterprise Should Be Using Today

Business success depends upon the far-sighted strategies taken by entrepreneurs. Selecting the most appropriate applications for day to day business operations is one of those strategies. These top 10 office automation applications enable the enterprises to keep pace with the dynamic and competitive market:

1. Employee Database

Human resource is the life of any enterprise to operate daily business activities. To know the employee profile, his or her demographic data, emergency contact, and other relevant data storage a complete employee database is a must. It empowers the management by providing a concrete database of the employees to assess risk and plan for uncertainty management.


2. Asset Management

Every asset in an enterprise is literally a portion of the long term investment made to help the organization. After their acquisition, assets are assigned to particular employees for utilization, but often it has been seen that the assigned employee remains indifferent about the proper use of the assets. Sometimes they lose movable parts or misuse the asset, which increases unnecessary cost for the enterprise. An asset tracker solution can help to track the assets along with its users and keep a regular log of its status. Enterprises should start using asset tracker from to leverage their long term investment.


3. Expense Tracker

Enterprises need to operate day to day activities incurs various expenses. Obviously, any enterprise uses a core accounting system to track financial transactions. But the daily expenses remain overlooked most of the times in these systems. Expense tracker application can keep these records of daily office expenses to find out the wastages and focus on ways to reduce unnecessary expenses.


4. Vendor Management

Every enterprise needs to purchase office supplies like stationery, IT equipment, reusable, and so on, where different vendors are involved as suppliers. These purchase decisions involve pricing issues, transaction risk and proper estimation of demand for the whole organization. A vendor management system can help management to understand the actual consumption, price comparisons, and the overview of required stock.



Computerized Maintenance Management System simplifies the maintenance of enterprise assets and equipment, scheduling, inventory, work order routing, and reporting. The solution helps employees to operate more efficiently and provides management with real-time visibility into the status of their assets and maintenance plans. On the long run, the amazing impact reflects on the lifetime of the assets and equipment and saves the enterprise from the loss of unplanned investment.


6. Contract Management

To operate any business, enterprises need to deal with various other business partners like suppliers, distributors, negotiators, and even customers. To avoid the hassles of legal issues a formal contract or agreement always stands alone without any alternatives. Managing the contracts with 3rd parties and their updates are the prime function of the contract management applications. Generally, the financial benefit of contract management could not be seen, but to some extent, it can save millions of dollars.


7. Issue Tracker

Have you ever seen that some of your employees continuously taking excessive workload? It’s not unusual for them to skip or overlook any important issues due to workload which could be the reason for a great financial loss. An enterprise deals with a lot of internal and external people which involves thousands of issues. Using issue tracker keep the enterprises smooth in operation tracking the issues by each employee.


8. Visitor Management

What do you think? How visitors’ information may be helpful for an organization? Before answering just think about the time your employees are spending to attend a visitor, the time involved to set an appointment with a visitor, the cost of paper logs or register books, and the expenses of ID card or badge. A visitor management system eliminates most of the direct and indirect expenses involved with visitor management of the enterprise and provides valuable insights.


9. Biometric Identification System

You may be thinking that you are not dealing with the secret service, so why would you need a biometric authentication system? A research report says that the retailers of the US are going to lose over 100 billions of dollars within 2023 due to transaction fraud, and experts are working to secure this risk implementing biometric identification. However, the implementation of biometric identification helps enterprises to save millions of dollars per year eliminating time theft, establish accountability and maximize the level of productivity and efficiency.


10. Corporate Wellness App

Engaged employees deliver the best performance and workplace stress causes burnout. According to the American Institute of Stress, job stress cost the US businesses more than $300 billion annually. That's why corporate America is moving towards wellness apps. Leading employees to some stress relief activities directly create a positive impact on employee productivity. Besides, initiating a corporate wellness app motivates the employees to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices which result in less absenteeism.

If you have a look at the successful enterprises around the globe, you will be amazed at how the tiniest of things they are taking into consideration to optimize their operation and gain benefits from it. If you want to take your business up to that level of digital transformation and sophisticated operation efficiency, try these office automation apps from CloudApper today.

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