TOP 5 Business Ideas Proven In Europe And The USA

There are a huge number of ideas for starting a business, many of them are creative and unique. But, unfortunately, not all of them can be implemented and adapted to the current domestic legislation. But it is quite possible to borrow the idea and develop a business on the national market in modern conditions.

Supercar rental

The market is saturated with companies offering car rental services. This business is well developed in the UAE, where you can fly and get acquainted with it as a client. Renting Ferrari in Dubai starts at $900. The rental service is in great demand here and at a good level, it covers all tastes and budgets. Dubai is a great place to analyze how such a business works.


As a rule, such firms operate in large cities. Given the high level of competition in this area, the owners of such a business must adapt to local circumstances. These can be inexpensive cars or SUVs on difficult terrain.


Among the population of large megalopolises, there is a sufficient number of wealthy people who have the ability and desire to rent such expensive cars as supercars or sports cars. These are some of the most powerful and high-speed cars of increased comfort, the price category of which starts from $100.000 and reaches $1.500.000.


When opening such a business, you need to study the market, calculate the investment and return on investment. Wealthy people tend to be calculating and realize that purchasing and maintaining a personal supercar is expensive, and such cars are not suitable for everyday use.


At the first stages of business development, supercar rental can be limited to 3 cars. In addition, given that cars of such a level as "Lamborghini" or "Ferrari" are of high-quality workmanship, it is quite possible to buy used cars. Even so, they can still serve for a long time. It is important to provide the car with reliable insurance. With the right approach, such a business can go through a payback period in several years.


Cell rental

In the USA, a business based on the storage of the personal belongings of citizens has gained popularity. Depending on the scale, it can be either a small warehouse or a whole complex consisting of cells of various sizes with an area of ​​up to 15 m2, which is under reliable security.


The main clients of such boxes are people who save things that they do not need at the moment, but it is also a pity to part with them. These can be children's bicycles, cribs, etc. Also, clients deposit things during repairs or a long absence.


In countries where old-style residential buildings require storage rooms and basements in which residents store unnecessary things, such a business has not yet gained momentum. Modern new buildings that do not provide for the presence of such premises show the relevance of the development of the business of renting storage cells.


Gift picking service

A non-standard idea of ​business. Its essence is to create a service where a couple of newlyweds independently makes a choice of the things they need, and invited guests and relatives to pay for the selected goods. This saves the young side from receiving things that are unnecessary and useless in their opinion, and the invited ones from the hassle of choosing a gift.


At the initial stage of development of such a business, you can limit yourself to a simplified analog, so as not to immediately risk large funds for development. It is more reasonable to open such a service in large cities with a higher level of the population's ability to pay. If the business goes up, the formation of branches is possible.


Rent of gyro scooters

Until recently, a device such as a gyro scooter was a novelty for many people, but its popularity is growing so rapidly that firms engaged in this business receive good profits from the sale and lease. Those who do not have the opportunity to purchase a gyro scooter can use the rental services. These devices are easy to use, and a charged battery is enough for several hours of operation.


The idea of ​​renting gyro scooters in places of recreation for residents and tourists, that is, in park areas, on embankments, in entertainment centers, is especially relevant. To open a rental point, you need at least four devices. Their cost ranges from $200 to $1700. When calculating the cost of starting this business, you need to take into account the rental of a ski area, storage space for devices outside of working hours, and the availability of access to a power supply to be able to charge batteries.


The terms and size of payback depend on the location of the rental point and the intensity of customer visits.


Public laundry

This idea was born in the USA, where it is very popular, as it relieves residents, both in their own homes and in rented ones, from the worries associated with washing and buying large household appliances.


It makes sense to open such a business in large cities near college campuses with multi-story dormitories. The services of such laundries can also be used by those who conduct business related to the need to wash covers, staff uniforms, textiles.


To open such a business, you need to find a suitable room and calculate the costs of the necessary equipment for washing, ironing, and drying clothes. The payback of one point of such a laundry will depend on the attendance of customers and the cost of equipment, which can be both foreign and domestic, which is half the price.



All of the listed business ideas have high profitability rates in foreign countries and can be successfully implemented in other countries. But when opening any business borrowed abroad, you need to rely on the mental characteristics of citizens and competently approach the starting business, and then any innovations in the national market will bring income and gain popularity among consumers.


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