The Top Factors to Think about When Choosing Promotional Merchandise

Promotional giveaways and merchandise have long been used by numerous companies and brands to foster awareness and recognition for their wares; if you have been in business for a while, you have probably done the same as well. But a lot can be said regarding the promotional merchandise you choose – it can either give value to your brand, or it can negatively affect your brand, particularly if the item is of low quality or poorly chosen. This is why it's important to choose your promotional merchandise wisely and take some essential factors into consideration as well. The following are the top factors you should think about when choosing promotional merchandise for your business.

Consider longevity

One of the most significant advantages of promotional items or merchandise is that your customers can use it as part of their routine. For example, if you give your customers a customised pen, then they can use the product or item every day, and the same is true if you give them a mug or USB drive. This repeated contact can help arouse interest in those who aren't entirely familiar with your brand too, which encourages them to try you out if they have a specific need. To establish all this, you need a product with longevity. Here are other pointers when it comes to longevity:

  • Wearability. In general, a wearable item has a better impact and a higher rate of success compared to other items, especially since it can display your brand and logo in a bold and prominent way. But bear in mind that outerwear, shirts, and hats should be attractive and subtle as well. Rather than going for a giant logo, for instance, you can go for eye-catching graphic designs and taglines.
  • A product that matches the environment. With this, you are selecting a product that your customers can use in their work or home environment. For example, an ordinary individual will often keep desk and office supplies for more than a year, and calendars are kept for 12 months. If you choose a promotional item that your customers can use daily, they have further reason to keep it.
  • Address a problem. You can also give your customers a product which they can definitely make use of to address a problem. For instance, if your customers sign documents regularly, then give them a high-quality pen. If your customers charge electronic devices, give them a handy charger. Do your customers engage in physical exercise and activity? Then you can provide them with drinkware such as tumblers.


Know them as much as possible

It also pays to know your audience as much as possible and to choose a product or promotional merchandise which fits their lifestyle and demographic, such as their age and gender, their family status, and the like. Find out what kind of occupation your target audience has as well. Here’s more information which can also help you: women who are between the ages of 18 and 24 would probably appreciate bags with logos, whilst both rural and suburban customers appreciate drinkware. Men often make use of outerwear and are more likely to own USB drives, whilst older customers and rural customers alike often have a good use for calendars.


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