Top Trends That Will Transform the Telecom Industry during the Rest of 2019

In 2019, the pressure to create, invent, and innovate is everywhere. Customers are excited to live in the future they always pictured and technology is bringing them even closer. One industry that boasts major innovation and progress is telecommunications. These new advancements will be built by the best engineers and produced with the best materials possible.The smart world that we have envisioned is closer than ever before, as 2019 transforms the telecom industry.

The general trends that will be seen in 2019 is that individual companies will make advancements towards  increasing company value in the forefront. There will not likely be sweeping industry change; it will be single companies making the changes first and the rest will follow. The challenge will be straightening out business models to support brand new services and technology with an increased workload as well.


5G Network

All four major American carriers announced their intentions to launch 5G in 2019; 5G is coming and 2019 is the year it will be realized.


People normally think of 4G, and the eventual 5G, as something mainly smart phones use when there's no open WiFi network. However, far more people and industries will be able to take advantage of the upgrade to 5G. Energy, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing are just a few of the industries that will be improved by 5G. The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce explains 5G will be the foundation of “smart city technologies, fleet management, predictive maintenance, data collection and analytics, [and] blockchain.”


When it comes to telecommunications, 5G will allow different companies to work with providers to jump on new opportunities such as selling new 5G capable phones or helping build smart cities. Once the technology is stable and ready to be released on a large scale, service providers will work with the creators of the network to best deliver 5G to customers.


Cloud Increase

The cloud has been around for a few years now, but it is predicted to become larger than ever. Companies are investing in upgrading their cloud platforms in order to deliver new digital services like OTT content, SaaS applications, and cloud-based unified communication services.

Not only will the cloud be more important for consumers, but businesses will add it to their processes as well. Telecommunication companies are aiming to automate their omnichannel interactions with customers and large scale data collection to tap into new revenue opportunities.


Smart Cities

With more and more IoT devices coming online, service provider’s networks will need to be up to the task. With 5G on the way and the demand for a more stable network, it is predicted that a whole new type of city will rise to the occasion. It is expected that the first true smart city will be built in 2019. The race to be the first is taking place around the world and we will soon see who makes the first smart city.


It is expected that in 2019, there will be 10 billion IoT connections around the world, 4 billion of which will be industrial connections. The connections will capture and transmit data that will keep vital functions of smart cities operational. These industrial connections will be how smart cities receive power for their lighting and heating.


All of this, from smart cities to IoT, depend on service providers such as Comcast or AT&T. These telecommunication companies are the gatekeepers of the Internet; the Internet and its uses will progress when those companies do.


Customer Experience

While all this new technology is exciting and interesting, it is ultimately not the product itself that decides if it fails or succeeds - it is the customer who decides. The customer either adopts a product or they reject it and that decision is all based on the customer experience. If a customer has a positive experience with a product, they will likely continue to use it. The opposite is true for a negative experience. This behavior holds true for all industries, not just telecommunications. So if these new telecommunication technologies want to flourish, they have to put the customer first.


The technology of the future is headed our way and it will arrive soon. 5G, IoT, smart cities, and the cloud are just a few examples of technology that is on its way. However, no matter the technology or industry it will always come down to the customer to decide what products live and which ones die. We will see what happens when these technologies start to appear in 2019.


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