Using WordPress as a Content Management Software for Successful Online Business

WordPress is not simply blogging software, as many people tend to think, the true power of WordPress is often underestimated. Other than providing a platform for blogging, WordPress is also a widely used content management software for many websites, including business owners.

Why use WordPress

As a content managing software, WordPress is a platform on which you can build and operate a website, custom designed to represent your business’ brand, including having a unique URL. Many other content management software are available on the internet today; however, WordPress remains the number one choice for the following reasons.

  • Web design is 100% customizable

You may only know WordPress as a blogging site due to the presence of WordPress branding on most free blog sites. However, paid websites can enjoy up to 100% custom design to suit the business brand. WordPress only acts as the engine but the body and operation of the vehicle is completely up to you.

  • Easy to manage

WordPress is easy to use and equally easy to manage from any computer. The technology used in this CMS is very simple and allows for easy formatting. You can add new pages, blog posts, and images effortlessly. The CMS is also browser based, allowing you to log in from any computer connected to the internet when you want to manage the site.

  • No need for FTP software or HTML editing

The WordPress CMS is completely self-contained, meaning you don’t need any additional software when making changes to the website.

  • A Search engine favorite

WordPress codes are very simple and easy to read for search engines. They practically love WordPress sites. Search engine optimization, including Meta tags, keywords, and descriptions for each post, making these sites very popular. Therefore, marketing your website through SEO is very effective.

  • Multiple users

WordPress allows for multiple users with different levels of access based on the authorization of the administrator. This makes it easier to work as a team as everyone can access the website when in need to do various duties.

  • Easy to grow and expand

It is easy to grow and expand your website when using this content management software without having to go back to the designing stage. The links to the added pages are automatically included in the assigned category of posts and pages. You can do all this in the admin area.

WordPress web design for business

With all the above reasons, it would be insane not to try out WordPress as a content management software for your business website. Many people today go scouting for products and services online before approaching a specific business. It is paramount to have an online extension of your company if you want to remain relevant in today’s business environment. Customers can find your location, information about your products and services, as well as your contact information on the website, and this increases your visibility. 

Web design

With WordPress, you can design a website that effectively competes with other businesses in the same industry, while enjoying the added perks of using this CMS for better business. You can use a web design service to create an advanced e-commerce website with integrated forums for membership on WordPress to meet your business goals. Web design professionals can custom build WordPress websites that are an extension of your business brand online. Some of the qualities of a good website design include:

  • An ideal reflection of your business brand
  • Easy to use on any device such as tabs, mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers
  • Easy to update and maintain independently
  • Consistent in search engines

A good website is more than just coding and content and this is why you should work with the best. 


WordPress recognized web design

You should use recommended WordPress firms for web design. You can find these web design companies through WordPress consultant directories available online. Web design professionals can create fully custom themes from scratch for your brand. This includes a unique domain name and optimization for the best results in search engines. The cost of web design varies depending on the size of the project, but there are very competitive prices out there. You can also learn how to build your own website on WordPress.


Brand design and graphic design options

Your clients’ perception of your business begins with how you portray your business brand and this is why brand design is crucial in your website. Successful brands are unique and characteristic and once you have one, your WordPress website will be your doorway to success. When working with a web design professional it is crucial to tell your story, your ambition, long term, and short term goals to aid the creative process. Once you have a distinct brand, combined with optimization, your search engine rankings will improve.

The effectiveness of your website design also depends on the graphics you use. Beautiful and captivating graphics can engage your audience tremendously. Graphics are not only about using brightly coloured flashing fonts to emphasize your point. Using visuals such as slide shows, varying font sizes and interesting color combinations can breathe life into your brand and make it irresistible to consumers.

Monitoring and reports

Once you have set up your website on WordPress with its brilliant web design, it is essential to monitor the website performance. Monitoring using software such as is an essential part of web marketing because you need to know how many numbers you are pulling in and how many of these convert to actual sales. This will help you to make necessary improvements and upgrades to the website with time.

Combined with effective web design, business branding, marketing, and optimization, you can create a powerful online presence through WordPress CMS.

About the author

Daniel Mattei (@mattedt) is a web Marketing Coordinator at Dynamic Search and a filmmaker and founder of Shotlight Productions. He lives with his wife, Grace, and Pomeranian, Couscous in Phoenix, Arizona.


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