Ways to Engage Consumers and Increase Holiday Sales

There is so much noise surrounding the holiday season, with every company trying to grab the attention, and the money, of the consumer. With so much competition for a limited number of sales, it’s important to plan out your engagement strategy early, to ensure increased holiday sales. It’s critical that you take time to consider how the pandemic has impacted consumer shopping behavior, and meet the customers where they are the most comfortable. First things first.

- Plan ahead – start getting your holiday content ready as soon as possible to avoid a last minute rush to write and produce. Take the time to consider what content your customers respond to most favourably (i.e. video vs. email marketing), and start creating!  Plan out when you will post and distribute new content, what forms it will take. If you start early enough, you can even make use of social media sites to ask your customers what they expect of you this holiday season – and then meet their expectations!



- Organize – now that you’ve got a basic plan and structure for your holiday marketing campaigns, it’s time to set your goals and define your audience. By getting more organized, you will see any gaps well before they become an issue, and will also know that you are spending your time on your most profitable avenues. Make sure you streamline any discounts or promotions you plan to run, and make sure all your data (prices, shipping times, etc.) are clearly noted on your website or in your store.


- Measure your KPIs – the holiday season is a great time to set new, temporary KPIs, to encourage your staff to make sales and work their hardest. Some companies even run special holiday promotions for their sales and marketing staff, giving prizes for meeting holiday goals. These types of programs, when done correctly, create a collaborative and fun work atmosphere, a feeling your staff will pass down to your customers in all their interactions.


Tips to engage consumers:

●  Start early but end later

Supply chain shortages, shipping delays and the unpredictability of the pandemic will make holiday shopping complicated enough. It’s important that you start your holiday promotions earlier, and keep them active after the holiday is over. Many customers will be looking for Black Friday deals, but many more will be looking for after-holiday sales where they can get the most for their money.

·   Take advantage of the data you have from your customers

Ask your customers directly what they think of your products or services, and how they would improve them. If updates aren’t an option, use this data to tailor your marketing campaigns. For example, if your customer base is also committed to environmental issues, consider offering eco-friendly shipping or packaging options.


●   Offer special discounts to loyal customers

We’ve all heard the statistics saying it’s easier to retain loyal customers than to develop new ones, and this is especially true in 2021. The holiday season is a great time to say thank you to your customers, by offering special, return-customer discounts and promotions. This type of campaign encourages customers to return to your store or site, where they will find all the gifts they need for the season, at a price that takes into account their loyalty.


●   Offer free shipping or special deliveries

Everyone loves free shipping, but you can go much farther to provide a great customer shipping experience. Many enterprises are making use of discrete manufacturing to connect their various production solutions, and streamline their entire shipping process. This type of upgrade reduces the number of misprinted labels, incorrect addresses and late delivery, issues that are often due to human error.


●  Create giveaways

Consider offering a limited number of free products or services to early shoppers or loyal customers this holiday season. Some enterprises are offering buy-one-get-one deals on their underperforming products or are entering customers in a chance to win a gift “lottery.” Often, just the suggestions of free products is enough to excite customers, but those who win will likely be your loyal customers for life.


●   Offer great customer services options such as call center or chat options.

54% of consumers say that their customer service expectations have risen since 2020. Many enterprises are switching to Nearshore call centers, proven to provide better customer service, cultural understanding, and in local languages. Many enterprises are finding that domestic call centers are just as cost effective as those overseas, and result in far better customer service ratings.


The holiday season is approaching quickly, and before it sneaks up on you (again!), take time to plan. Starting your holiday promotions now will give customers longer to make their decision, and will give you the opportunity to increase sales over this upcoming holiday season.


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