Ways to Upgrade Your Gym to Attract More Athletes

It can sometimes be tricky to attract athletes to your gym since they can be picky at times. That is why we will discuss some of the best ways to attract athletes (and other potential members) to your gym.


Build a Spa Facility

Some people prefer to take a shower after a workout, while others prefer to unwind at the spa in a relaxing atmosphere after a brutal training session. By making a spa facility, you secure that a portion of your members will be drawn to this new addition to the gym. Research proven ways of healing the muscles that spas use, that way you can optimize the experience for your members. Athletes especially like these quality-of-life additions that make you stand out from the competition.

Offer Laundry Services

People don't have time as it is. We like to cut corners wherever possible. By offering laundry services, you enable people to spend their precious time elsewhere. And after hard training, nobody feels like doing laundry, so this is where the services come in handy the most. Convenience aside, having you come out covered in sweat and exhausted to the scent of fresh, clean linen is enough to convince anyone to stay in that gym.

Rearrange the Gym

The first sight we get of a place will be how we shape our perspective of that place. That is why it's imperative to make a good first impression on people. If you have a lot of equipment cramped up at the entrance, people will get destimulated from joining your gym because it appears unsightly and dirty. So, if you are noticing some places that seem rather ugly it is time to change things up a notch. You can even ask your regular members for feedback about how they think you could improve the place. You might be surprised about some of the constructive comments you might get.

Modify the Lighting and Add Windows

How does the atmosphere at the gym appear? Is it hazy and depressing? Barely lit? Can people not breathe properly? If any of these things are correct, you need to change things up asap. One of the worst possibilities for a gym is to be completely blocked in with no windows. Not only does it not let natural light come in, but it also makes us less productive. Natural light is a significant factor for feeling mentally at ease. The biggest problem with private gyms is that they are mostly in basements or just feel like a prison cell. If you want to stand out as a truly serene environment, you need to make sure it's properly lit and has enough fresh air and natural light coming in. Be careful not to make the place into a display box for people to see everything from the outside. It can cause problems for people with lower self-esteem. Hell, even people with normal self-esteem levels don't feel comfortable being watched like they are circus performers.

Have a Diverse Trainer Team

People feel comfortable with people of their gender or age. While this is more of a tip for higher-end gyms, it can still be implemented with smaller ones as well. If you have a team with female-male trainers and older-younger trainers, you are bound to make the members feel more comfortable approaching them regarding their exercises. It builds trust with your members, something that can easily spread around, resulting in a larger number of new memberships.

If You Want to Go Big – Expand the Gym

One way of getting people to notice you is by the unique activities that you provide to members. Just imagine the shock people would get when they realize you have a court or a pool. It would make your reputation go through the roof. To have an incredible swimming pool, you will need to get qualified swimming pool builders.

Improve Your Advertisement

At the start of the pandemic, we were all sceptical about the situation, and so many of us cancelled our gym memberships. However, a lot of time has passed since then, and people are starting to seek their gym memberships back. It is the perfect time to catch some more customers by improving your visibility. Marketing is a vital aspect of every business today. So, if you want your gym to keep growing and increase membership, you will need to convince people why they should pick you. Superior equipment, better trainers, cheaper membership or perhaps something else? Choose what will be your winning characteristic and display it.

Try Out Electrostimulation

When you think of gym improvement ideas, one thing that doesn't come to your mind is electrostimulation. It adds a layer to every exercise by improving the efficiency of every training session. It isn't without reason that this is becoming a popular trend for sports athletes. By adding this into your regular training sessions in the gym, you effectively allow athletes to get the same results in your gym as they would with professional trainers. As for your regular clients, you have just introduced them to a whole new world. It's a win-win, however, you look at it.

One thing that also plays a factor is the fact that using electrostimulation also reduces the chance of injury during a workout.

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