What Business Owners Need to Know about Digital Marketing

Marketing your product or service through digital channels has more impact than using traditional methods such as print media and advertising. It is important to note that digital marketing does not only involve online/internet channels but all digital channels. Some of these channels include email marketing, messaging using mobile phones, apps, marketing through social media, and search engines.

Here are some of the things a business owner should be aware of before embarking on a digital marketing campaign.

Have a Business Website

Create a website for your business and let it be accessible on all devices, including mobile phones. Nowadays, a lot of people use their smartphones to shop online as it is simple and easy to use. Do not crowd the website with unnecessary information as most often as not, and the visitor wants to quickly go through your website and move to the next one. You have to strategically plan for your website, put in place things that will create traffic. The more people spend time on your page the more market you get.

It Is Cheaper than Conventional Advertising Methods

Marketing through digital channels will cost less than using other methods such as newspapers, television, billboards, and trade fairs. This form of marketing also reaches many people within a short time compared to other methods like billboards. It has the potential to reach international markets as internet marketing, and shopping has become a global trend.

Make use of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is developing website content that brings increased website traffic. This involves the use of relevant keywords in the website content, having the right links to the website, strong social media presence, among other tactics. However, your content developer has to have basic knowledge about SEO and google ads to bring more visitors to your website. You can seek the services of a digital marketing agency for SEO services for your website.

While implementing SEO, concentrate on local SEO. Most people conduct their online searches while on the move wanting to connect with local businesses. When using Google digital marketing, the search results concentrate more on stores that are within the user’s locality; that is, they will first see the business in their city before other cities or stats. Also, include your business name, contact details, and address on the search results. Details that pertain to your business should be identical in all search directories, for example, do not use “Ltd” in one and use “Limited” in another. Search engines see these as two businesses, which will negatively impact search results.

Know your Target Audience

Different digital channels attract audiences from different age groups. The type of marketing channel to use will depend on your target audience. When you are targeting teenagers and young adults, using social media channels like Instagram and Facebook would be ideal. If you want to reach a more mature audience such as business executives and other professionals, email marketing will work for you.

Remember to update the information posted on social media and hire a social media manager to respond to queries. The individual should have information on their fingertips regarding the product or service; do not tell the potential customer that you need to inquire from another party.

Be Truthful

It is a common occurrence to see negative reviews of a product after the customer realized that what was advertised is different from what was delivered. When posting photos of your product, take actual pictures, and not download photos from the internet. Be truthful about the features of the product without adding others that the product does not possess. You can also include the materials used to manufacture the product and health advisory statements if any.

Final Word

The most popular form of digital marketing is online marketing. When used appropriately, it can market your product across the globe within a short time. Utilize the various online platforms wisely with the target audience in mind for maximum benefits. In a time such as this, when movement is restricted due to Covid-19, online shopping has tremendously increased. Therefore, take the opportunity and market your product through digital channels and create a presence that will remain even after the pandemic.


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