What Distinguishes the Best VPN Client from the Others?

There are so many VPN service providers in the world today. They all offer varying features in their services. The important point you need to understand is that not every VPN service is built equal. Some are better than others. This is why when deciding on the best service to use, it pays to take a list of the services available, look at what every service has to offer and pick one that meets your needs in the best way possible. This post takes a look at what really makes a good VPN service provider.

More servers

This is a no brainer. When searching for a VPN service, you need to find one that has more servers. This will come in handy when you are interested in geo-shifting. This is when you want your IP to be seen to be in a different location from where you are. For example, you could be in Germany but your IP shows that you are in South Africa. If you have interest in geo-shifting, you will have to pick a service provider that has VPN servers in the countries you wish to geo-shift your IP to.


Another important thing you will have to look at is the VPN service speed. You don’t want your VPN service to cripple your browsing or download speed. Speed is therefore an important thing to consider when deciding on the VPN service to use. You want your pages to load faster and the download to run faster. You should start with the trial version of the VPN service. See whether the speed changes are noticeable or not. Taking a look at the list of VPN services and considering their speeds will help identify the most reliable one in relation to speed.

OS compatibility

VPN software is compatible with major operating systems. When searching for the right VPN service to use, you want to make sure that you pick one that is compatible with your system. Some people just need a VPN that will be compatible with Windows while others want one that will work on Android and Mac. You never know when you might need to change your operating system. The VPN service you pick should be compatible with at least the two major operating systems: iOS and Windows. There are so many providers out there offering multi-device subscriptions. This means you can use the same VPN service on all your devices at one price.

Unlimited bandwidth

It is a must for the right VPN service to offer unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth limits will only ruin your experience. You will be required to pay extra for more bandwidth. This will be terrible if you use more data and need to download more.

These points are not the only things you should consider. They are, however, the points you must never overlook when deciding on the service to use. The more features you get the better. Choose a VPN service that has been around for quite some time and one that has garnered a great reputation.

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