Why Cloud Storage is Important for Businesses to Use

Cloud storage is a technology that some businesses have accepted much sooner than others. Traditional companies that are slow to adapt or smaller business with owners who are decidedly low-tech and proud of it may not even have taken up cloud storage services yet.

Here are a few reasons why cloud storage is worth trying out.

Affordable Storage

Paying for new hard drives when running out of space in an old laptop or PC and having them installed isn’t simple for someone who’s tech-savvy. Usually, the laptop has to be given to a local IT repair shop to install the drive for you. Let’s hope that you bought the right type of drive to fit inside the PC!

With offsite storage, the price per megabyte of space is very low. Cloud companies are highly competitive when buying individual hard drives or SSD drives because they buy drives in bulk at discounted prices compared to small businesses.

Off-site Storage

Using off-site storage for backups of files and documents is expensive. It’s a separately charged service that gets progressively costlier the more backups they’re storing at one time. However, with cloud storage, you can decide which plan to opt for by checking out cloudstoragebuzz.com and choosing the company that makes the most sense for you. Each has their pros and cons, but all provide reputable off-site storage that still protects from either a hard drive failure or theft at the office premises.

Advanced Security

Some cloud providers offer exceptional security including encrypting the data storage to prevent anyone reading your company data; even the cloud storage company. In this age of cybersecurity concerns, this provides peace of mind when using the internet to transfer data security. The link between the PC and their storage system is encrypted to prevent intrusive people looking at anything they shouldn’t.

Flexible Access

Most cloud storage provides access to the files through a desktop app, a web app, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Once you have passed through security, which can include two-factor identification by sending a code to your smartphone to authorize the login, the app gives access to the backed-up files. Where the files are being accessed from does not matter. This is far more convenient than having the most important files on a single hard drive installed in a PC at work that’s powered down in the evenings and weekends and impossible to access.


A significant percentage of businesses never survive a year beyond a major event. The event can be a hard drive failure, a break-in at the premises with computer equipment stolen, or a fire. The loss of business reputation and lack of marketing contact information makes it very difficult to recover from an event like this. Most businesses think they are prepared for a disaster, but few actually are. Having cloud storage setup with the most important files safely stored there provides a digital fail-safe for continued business operations.

Using cloud storage is an important part of the technology puzzle. Any business not taking full advantage of the cloud should re-think their technology strategy. Whether for storage cost savings, added security or as a fail-safe, the cloud certainly has its benefits.


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