Work Party: 4 Ways to Throw a Great Holiday party for Your Employees

Holiday parties are an excellent way to thank hard-working employees for a job well done. However, the task of planning such an event can be overwhelming. In addition to finding the right decorations, it’s important to provide entertainment and food that everyone can enjoy. Consider the following party planning tips to help you throw the best company holiday party yet:


Start with a Theme

No holiday party is complete without a central theme. While it may seem cheesy to some, having a theme in mind will give you clear direction for decoration ideas, colors, and even the dress code. Appropriate themes for a company holiday party include a winter wonderland theme, a holiday color scheme, destination vacation decor, or international holiday traditions. Once a theme is chosen, start deciding on what decorations most effectively communicate this theme.


Pass out Door Prizes

While your employees may like to celebrate holidays as much as the next person, including door prizes as part of their holiday party is one way to build excitement and guarantee their attendance. These types of prizes can act as rewards for your employees’ hard work throughout the year. Consider items like tech gadgets, paid off days, gift cards, and the like to make sure your employees have a great time during the holiday party.


Choose a Venue

As you finalize the details of your holiday party, don’t forget to choose the venue. While some employers choose to have a small in-office gathering, others want to go all out and rent venue space for the celebration. With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to find the right event center to host your shindig. Whether it’s an event center in NH or a ballroom in an upscale hotel, the right venue will make all the difference for your staff members.


Schedule Exciting Entertainment

Nothing makes a holiday party quite like entertainment. The best entertainment will make your company party one to remember as your staff party and dance the night away. Whether you hire a band, magician, or another exciting performer, make sure to book entertainment options that your employees are excited about.

When booking entertainment for a holiday party, it’s best to start several months ahead of time. This way, you won’t be stuck at the last minute working to find entertainment options that aren’t already booked.

Dedicated employees look forward to their company holiday parties every year. Give your staff a reason to celebrate with these fail-proof party ideas.

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