7 Steps To Creating a Website and Generating an Income From it

1. Decide on what kind of website you want to create, ideally a field you’re an expert in i.e. a website about Ferrari sports cars. Then draw up a draft of your website on paper, outlining what layout you’d like, as well as the content needed; text, pictures, videos and links.

2. Then use website creation software to design your site; some good ones are Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Publisher. If you don’t want to pay for website development software, some websites have online tools for this purpose, such as Google Sites, or you can download Webplus from free Serif software’s website.

3. Make sure you create a nice, sharp looking site and correct any errors it has, otherwise people won’t want to visit your site or they will not have a good impression of it.

4. Then if you want, you can by your own domain name a dot com or dot net for example. Namecheap and Godaddy are some fantastic ones to use. The typical price is $10 for a .com domain. If you’re frugal and don’t want to pay for a domain, you can use Google Sites and they’ll give you one, but you can’t decide what the name will be.

5. The next step is to choose a web hosting company to host your website, again Namecheap and Godaddy are very good and charge a low monthly fee to host your website. They are very reliable and cheap. Or alternatively, you can use Google sites or a similar free online service. Please note that it is extremely difficult to find a good, free web host besides Google. Most of them are very unreliable and you’d be better off paying a small fee to use a reliable, one.

6. Now that your website is on the Internet, you need to make some money from it! You can apply to have Google Adsense or Chikita, advertisements on your website and every time someone clicks on their ads you’ll earn a little money.

7. Once you’ve got some ads, you need to promote you site. The more traffic you get to your site, the more people you’ll have clicking on your ads, making you money. You can write articles with your website link and submit them to free article websites. You can also exchange links with other website owners to give you more traffic, or pay for advertising with, Google, Yahoo, or MSN.  You also may want to promote your website through social networking sites.

So these are the basics to creating a website, good luck and if you want more information, check out my website: www.wantwebsitetraffic.com

About the author

Michael Kaz is a current university student and amature website developer. Visit his relevant website at www.wantwebsitetraffic.com


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