And Now... THE Winner of Idea Cafe's Latest $1,000.00 Grant!

We take pleasure in announcing that Gerhard Guevarra, the owner of All-American Fencing Academy, is the recipient of the current Small Business Grant. With his impressive enthusiasm for teaching and training new and competitive fencers, he instantly grabbed the hearts of our regulars and stood out amongst thousands of other small business owners. Congratulations!

During the final month-long voting round of the grant, All-American Fencing Academy emerged as the leader, with 41.66% of the votes. Gerhard was closely followed by another exceptional business, Denizen Surfboards, who got 39.3% of the votes.

Idea Cafe regulars have had their say. The popular vote has elected the winner, and now we will be contacting Gerhard Guevarra to arrange the awarding of the $1,000.00 cash grant.

As a rule, all Idea Cafe grant winners provide monthly reports on how their business is doing since receiving Idea Cafe's Grant. And this time we won’t make an exception. Gerhard Guevarra will pass on his business wisdom and a health dose of his entrepreneurial spirit to Idea Café regulars through monthly updates, posted on Idea Café’s blog. So, check back regularly to see how Gerhard Guevarra leverages the cash infusion to expand his business.

If you're one of the extremely talented applicants who didn't win this grant, you'll have another chance: the tenth Idea Café’s Cash Grant will be open for applications soon. So check back regularly for updates. It is up to you to be the next winner!


Congrats! I have to say that

Congrats! I have to say that seeing what some would call a non traditional business win the award is encouraging. This further supports the idea that what constitutes a business is quite broad. Far too many of us have a fixed idea of what business is. Good luck to Gerhard in the expansion of his business, touché!

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