October, 2013

Building Safety Into Your New Office

Burglary, robbery, vandalism and other crimes can be costly for businesses. Other than causing financial losses, they can also result in serious injuries or even death.

A significant percentage of businesses have been victims of crime, and many of them have been chosen as targets because of their lack of crime-prevention features.

5 Great Businesses to Start in 2014

Getting a new business off the ground is never easy, a fact backed up by the alarmingly high failure rate among start-up businesses.

However, launching a successful start-up can be even more challenging in an economy that has not yet fully recovered from one of history's most devastating recessions. Current economic growth, while encouraging, is hardly robust, making it even more important that you choose carefully the business sector you plan to enter.

Efficient and Organized: How To Make the Most of Your Office Space

Maintaining an organized and efficient office space can become difficult especially during large projects. Disorganized offices can cause mistakes, lost reports and even injuries. Disorganization could affect productivity as well. There are several tips that will help anyone to get the most from an office space and to maintain an organized workplace.

5 Businesses to Shy Away From Opening in 2014

Times, they are a-changing for the business world. Companies that were sure bets 20, 10, even 5 years ago are now high-risk ventures with a very low probability of success.

What are a few of these avoid-at-all-costs businesses, and why are they doing so poorly?

The Affordable Care Act And Timekeeping

Although the Obama Administration recently delayed enforcement and reporting requirements of employer penalties under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) until 2015, businesses should use this extra time to better prepare.  As an employer, you need a full understanding of how the law impacts your business and you must plan for the law’s implementation.  How does timekeeping come into play?  Employer status. 

Survey/Infographic: Buyers, Sellers Confident They Can Close Deals In Today’s Business-For-Sale Market

A recent BizBuySell.com survey of more than 1,500 prospective business buyers and sellers across the nation found some interesting trends. The survey goes over how confident today's prospective business buyers and sellers are in the market and how quickly they believe they can get a deal done

Should You Hire Your Temp Employees?

Have you found a temporary employee who is too good to let go?

The flexibility and comparatively lower cost of hiring temporary workers can be a real boon to small businesses. But what happens if hiring temps brings you a worker who is a great fit for your team and excellent at their job?

Five Key Ways to Strengthen Your Business with Social Media

Quick - how many social media platforms does your business use in an average week? Two? Four? Which ones are the most active for you, and how can you capitalize on the activity there to drive more sales, more brand awareness and more customers? More importantly, what works best for your company on social networks?

Update Your Establishment - 5 Ways to Attract More Business to Your Store

Getting regular customers is everything to a business owner. When people aren't flying through your doors day in, day out, your establishment is on shaky grounds. Attracting people can be a difficult task if you don't know what's wrong with your place, but chances are that you'll notice a difference in customer quantity after making a few changes. Here are some things that you can do to attract more business.

Update from Addicakes: The big wins

During the months I was laid off, I received emails from both Idea Cafe and American Family Insurance that we had been selected as semi finalists in the contests we had entered, finally this may be our shot to reopen. We posted as much as we could, rallied our fans to help us and pushed like crazy to help people get our store back open. Both contests ended and we awaited the results in hopes we had won and could reopen the store.