March, 2016

Top Tips to Stave Off Startup Failures

If you feel uneasy about starting up your own business, you’re not alone. It’s old news now that many promising companies pop up everyday, then disappear without a trace. Many never had a chance to gain traction.

They made common mistakes. They never developed a good marketing campaign, hired inexperienced sales people, ran out of capital, or mismanaged their money.

Better Ways to Build Up Your Customer Base

While no one disputes that a business has to grow to be successful, the truth is, unless a customer base is maintained and encouraged to not go elsewhere, there'll be no growth. That being said, let's examine several top ways to grow your customer base.

Rewarding Your Returning Customers
Rewarding your returning customers with incentives like loyalty programs is one of the foremost ways to both keep and grow a regular customer base.

Budget-Friendly Business: The Best Strategies for Saving on the Essentials

There are many people interested in starting up their own business. Over the long term, it is vital to increase sales and reduce expenses as much as possible. There are a lot of people who have been able to do this with great success in the past. If you are looking for ways to build your business, finding ways to save money is essential. Here are several tips for business owners to save money on their business.

Planning Out Your Social Media Schedule

Social media is amazing when you know how to use it; however, with so many people, posts, likes, shares, it’s very easy for even a practiced online marketer to get overwhelmed at times. The volume of content can keep you scrolling with no end in sight.

High-quality content is mandatory if you want social media users to become regular visitors and customers on your channels. Content is always king, and high-quality content is the only way to endear yourself to search engines. Google demands high quality content all the time—and since Google commands 31 percent of all web traffic—you want to always be on its good side. When you have high-quality content it can help you move beyond boosting brand awareness to inspiring clicks that turn into sales or subscribers.

Five Tips for Growing Your Customer Base in 2016

Three in four American small business owners increased their customer base in the first half of 2015, according to Hiscox’s annual DNA of an Entrepreneur study of more than 4,000 owners from around the world. While the first two months of 2016 have been tumultuous for the global economy, that doesn’t mean small businesses need to abandon their growth agendas for the year.

5 Tips To Create A Safe Workplace For Your Employees

Amidst client meetings, balancing finances and developing projects, one aspect can often be overlooked when running a business – safety. Safety is an integral part no matter what type of work setting you’re in. Whether it’s inside a company office building or being mobile in the field, business owners should be increasingly aware of various safety precautions; not only to keep employees happy, but also to avoid serious accidents that can lead to unwanted legal action.

Match Point

OK. Put your donut down for a minute and pay attention. I have some questions for you:

1. Can you recommend a career coach for my cousin who’s thinking of leaving her job?

2. Can you recommend a mason who could repair my front steps?

Big Data, Better Marketing? Tips For Success

Big data is big — and growing every second as more information is funneled through network hardware, cloud-based services and mobile applications. However, many companies aren't making best use of this data; as The Register points out, most say they'll find a way to “go big” and dive into the big data lake, but instead combine a host of smaller ponds from multiple business silos; no surprise the result doesn't match expectations. This is especially true for the front lines — marketing efforts get a huge boost from well-curated information but often get the dregs. Here are four tips for better marketing with your big data.

What It Takes To Succeed In A Career In Indian Ecommerce Store

A retail profession is a unique experience. You might be in it because selling is your passion or you want to make ends meet. Regardless, your position is meaningful and leaves a lasting impression on many of your customers. Working in an Indian ecommerce store gives you the unique opportunity to be part of the latest fashion trend for both Indian and other women all around the world. This alone should help you build a passion for the industry to become a successful retailer. A lot of people buy anarkali suits today. You want to know what it takes to succeed in an Indian ecommerce store career? Keep up!

Ideas to Consider for Your eLearning Software for Marketing

eLearning software can be important for marketers as it helps them learn more about how to target the right audiences and how to plan different campaigns. This does not mean that every single type of eLearning program out there is actually going to work though. There are a few important points that have to be followed when getting eLearning software ready for marketing purposes. You must use these concepts to make it easier for you to go far and succeed within whatever you want to incorporate into your business.