January, 2017

Marketing is Key to Create a Strong Image for your Clinic

As you finish off your online nurse practitioner programs through Bradley University, it’s only natural to start thinking about your future career path. Obviously, the medical profession is the route you’ll be taking. If your goals include opening your own practice, then it’s important to understand how marketing plays a role in a clinic’s success. In fact, without a strong marketing plan, the clinic won’t be able to succeed.

Making PPC More Effective

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a bit of the cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign. Yes, it is critical to maximize that organic traffic, but all businesses can benefit from adding to that with paid ads. However, PPC is different because it is so much easier to measure than any other type of marketing, and because of this, the main focus tends to be on the ROI, or Return On Investment. Because you know just what you spend for the ads, you will be able to figure out whether or not the traffic they send to the site is worth it.

How to Make Your Most Clunky Online Processes Smooth Again

It doesn't matter if you run your business out of a retail shop, sites around the world, or even your own home. Your online presence is critical to the success of your future. Potential partners and customers typically make first contact with your business online and get to know you in comparison to your competitors here. The most attractive and engaging online processes bring them back for more. Clunky processes, such as slow-loading pages, broken links, confusing navigation, difficult checkout, and poor communication, force people to look elsewhere for information, products, and services. Inefficiency also generates bad buzz. Make your online processes smooth again by following these four tips for improving online presence.

Customer Care: 4 Strategies To Show Your Customers You Are Really Listening

More than even simple generosity alone, making your customers feel influential and sincerely valued guarantees a substantial investment of their trust and ongoing loyalty in nearly any scenario. Consider every study to have ever confirmed that it costs five times as much to earn a new customer's business as it does to retain a repeat patron. Overly simplified as it may seem, "The customer is always right" is more than a trite axiom about doing whatever it takes to keep your clientele happy. Consider it sound accounting advice.

Better Tips to Keep Up Security on Business Trips

Whenever you go on a business trip, it is important you place an emphasis on your security along the way. If you are a leader in your company, this is especially important because the company may be held responsible if something were to happen to you or your business products on the business trip. Before leaving on your trip, take time to do research on different safety and security measures every business professional should know when on the road. Here are some tips to assist you in the process. 

What Business Owners Can Expect from the Digital Future

Every new startup owner being in two minds over entering the race in their niche has to be aware of one crucial thing – the Internet has become the major business leverage in the world. This remarkable set of virtual space tools can be used in many different ways. Some of them are more likely to bring profits and success to a new business, while some others won’t result in a positive outcome. Here’s how to use the former to ensure a professional ascent in the years to come.

Best Tips to Help You Run a Franchise the Right Way

One of the most often utilized strategies for entrepreneurs is to buy into a franchise. Running a franchise location has certain benefits. Your restaurant or store will already have high penetration in the minds of consumers. You could benefit greatly, for example, from national advertising by the home company. However, despite all the advantages that running a franchised business entails, many franchisees still fail. To help make sure you succeed, below are some great tips you can use to help you run your franchise business the right way.

How Giving to Charity Can Improve This Year's Taxes

Donating money or goods to charitable organizations is a good way for individuals and businesses to give back to the community. A secondary benefit of giving to charity is that it can help to reduce your tax bill this coming April because most of these contributions are tax-deductible. Your donation must meet certain criteria, and you must also itemize deductions on your return with Form 1040 Schedule A to deduct them from your taxable income. Here are some other ways giving back can actually earn you more on your taxes this year.

What’s In Your Tool Chest

My friend Andy came to Boston on Tuesday. He lives in LA and sent me an e-mail to let me know he was coming to town: “If you’re free and interested, I’d be glad to buy you dinner.”

Between you and me, I wasn’t sure if his invitation meant that he’d be eating along with me, but a free meal is a free meal, so I took my chances and said yes.

Few Simple Ideas to Make Side-Money

Sometimes, even with the extreme measures of austerity, you won’t have enough money in your household budget. If this happens, it is possible that your expenses are not the main problem, but your income. Sure, you can always switch company or ask for a raise, but neither of these steps is completely reliable or 100 percent effective. The easiest thing to do is find a way to earn some side-money and in the 2016, the era of the Internet, this is easier than ever. Here are few simple ideas.