June, 2018

4 Steps to a Successful Rebranding of Your Business

Sometimes, what a company is doing just isn’t working. You may provide an excellent product and excellent service and still fail to break a profit. In that case, it may be that your marketing is just ineffectual. If this holds true for your company, it may be time to rebrand in a way that will actually appeal to consumers. Below are four steps you should complete to successfully rebrand your business.

5 Tips To Avoid Bankruptcy In Your Business

Addition of credit and loan facilities in the business world has enabled entrepreneurs to develop their business prospects more efficiently. However, no matter how determined entrepreneurs are, events may occur where the business does not prosper as per set targets. Several factors can affect such circumstances. It can be related to rash decisions, lack of capable staff, improper use of resources, etc. The result is bankruptcy. More and more entrepreneurs are falling for this financial crisis leading to losing their assets, and coming on roads, as they cannot afford the luxury or the comfort. Thus, it is necessary that you avoid the risk of bankruptcy by following the below tips.

Your Hobbies Matter More Than You Think

Startup and new business owners often don’t have time for things other than work. Taking a new business to a mature stage requires a lot of commitment and investment, including time investment that you make as the owner and manager of the business. That extra burden is also affecting employees of the business. They may not carry as much weight as you, but they still have to contribute more to the success of the company.

7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Loan for Your Business

In today’s economy, small businesses go through various challenges. The most prevalent issues revolve around capital and cash flow constraints. As such, getting good business loans is among the most sought after resource since it can help a business scale up its operations and generate more revenues.

Mew Haven Cat Cafe: Opening Day

It’s Opening Day (Part 1)! The plumbing, electric, fire, and building inspections have been completed. We passed the health inspection with flying colors. The baristas are ready to hit the ground running, and we’re swimming in coffee paraphernalia.

So what’s the game plan? We were set to open during Artwalk, the neighborhood’s largest event of the year. Every year, dozens of vendors fill their tents with the crafts they have for sale; the nearby park features interactive events like rock-climbing, t-shirt tie-dying, and balloon-animal making; food trucks line the street for the hungry crowds; and the whole neighborhood prepares for the increased traffic and excitement.

4 Incredibly Creative And Smart Ideas For Advertising Your Business

When it comes to business, you need to be very aggressive on how you market your brand. The more you put your business out there, the more likely you are to gain more clients. Advertising plays a very important role in ensuring the growth of a business. Without it, people won’t know about your business. With the various advancements in technology, advertising is definitely changing rapidly. You need to get more creative on how you put your message out there. This will help you to get ahead and to stand out from your competitors. Below are ways in which you can effectively advertise your business:

Investment Tips For Small Business Owners

Owning a small business doesn’t mean that you have to limit you horizons. You may even want to make other investments to diversify your portfolio as soon you start your business but the better approach is to put all your time, effort and resources into running your business until it is stable before thinking about diversifying.

Why It’s Never Too Late for a Career Change

Whether you have been working in your career for the last couple of decades or are just a few years in, it is never too late to change careers. By being in a career for any period of time, you have already built up a lot of professional capital which you can leverage to facilitate a change in career. Through your professional work, you will have met a lot of people who you can use to launch your next career move.

2018’s In-Demand Business Ideas by Country

The business market, as any other, is, of course, susceptible to trends. What may have been in-demand a couple of years ago, might be completely unpopular today. In order to be successful, a businessperson needs to follow the direction the market is moving in. Of course, despite the fact that the internet is doing wonders for world-wide globalization, in-demand businesses vary from country to country.

6 Project Management Apps that Will Save Your Business Time and Money

Ask any small business owner about the thing they could use more of, and the answer is likely one of two things: time or money.

The struggle for small business growth is real. Small business owners running a one-man show can save money on payroll costs, but need to know how to put their time and money to the best possible use.