August, 2018

3 Reasons To Use Outsourcing In Your Business

Running a business is not an easy thing to do, and even if you love your career, there will always be times when you come across a problem that you just can’t solve. Being able to know where to go to get over whatever the issue is and then being able to continue running your business is something that all business owners should know how to do – and it often comes down to outsourcing. Here are some great reasons to consider outsourcing at least some of your business processes.

3 Office Maintenance Tips for Business Owners

You spend 30-plus hours a week at your office, and you have a small team managing a range of tasks and paperwork. It’s no surprise that by the end of the week, you’re struggling to find your car keys under stacks of files when it’s time to go home. A well-maintained office makes for an increased focus, but who has time to de-clutter with your workload?

Small Business Startup Tips for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers these days are saying ‘no’ to retirement and ‘yes’ to starting a business. In fact, when it comes to entrepreneurship, people over 50 years old are starting businesses at faster rates than millennials, a trend that’s been steadily increasing in the past decade.


Americans ages 55-64 comprise more than 25 percent of all new entrepreneurs, according to a study by the Kauffman Foundation. Meanwhile, a study by AARP found that workers over 65 are outnumbering the teenage workforce — for the first time since 1948.

So, why a

5 Steps to Successfully Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be a long and difficult process, but getting off to the right start is critical in ensuring your success later on. If you want to get your business going successfully, there are some basic steps you must take. Here are five steps that will help you start your own business and set it up for future profitability.

How to Build a Successful Warehouse Business

It is not uncommon for people to order items online as opposed to buying them in a store. As people tend to expect their items to be delivered within hours or days, it is advantageous to have a warehouse as close to customers as possible. While warehouse businesses can be lucrative, there are things that you need to know if you want your operation to be successful.

Try A Recruitment Agency: Better Resources, Better Services

Are you in IT and looking to build a career for yourself? Or are you professional who has been tasked with finding good IT professionals for your company?

Either way, VIQU is the solution to your problem. The Birmingham recruitment agency which was founded in 2014, believes in smart recruitment. The company has worked hard for years in order to further their mission of ‘Smart People Solutions’ and provide those solutions to the IT, Telecommunications as well as Engineering sectors of UK. With the help of VIQU you can not only build your career, but you can find IT professionals whom you can easily welcome into your company. They work on an ‘expert to expert’ system, which allows them to use their expertise in the world of IT as well as telecommunication to find individuals as well as companies who will be a perfect match for each other.

The Importance Of IT Jobs In Today's World

Information technology has become very important for most organizations and industries. Even small scale industries today feel the need for IT professionals. The number of IT careers has increased in the recent years and information technology tools are now used almost everywhere. The need of information technology has increased rapidly as most organizations today feel the need to plan and control techniques which are in comparison to the larger organizations and growth has become very essential for most sectors. IT professionals can help the organization in a number of ways and help them to develop new programs and technologies which can help the organizations to grow and achieve success.

Step Guide to Starting a Business

Many dream of starting their own company and being self-reliable while helping others use their talents in the most lucrative and useful manner. However, this isn’t an easy thing to do because there are a lot of obstacles to overcome and a lot of competitors to beat.

6 Financial Management Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs

Startups make a big proportion of businesses and in most parts of the world, startups are the drivers of the economy. However, despite this fact, most startup businesses fizzle out within months of incorporation. Failure of these initially promising businesses has been due to lack of funding and financing. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to have a strategic plan on how to survive in the market and how to manage your finances well.

Grant Winner Update: Zoning Approval

It felt like we had been waiting an eternity for July to finally arrive. On July 10th, we would have our public zoning hearing and hopefully, obtain our final zoning approval. With our special exception granted, the schedule would begin to complete the last steps we needed to take in order to open.