January, 2019

Does Your Online Store Need a Physical Storefront?

When you have an online store and business is booming, the natural question that arises is whether or not a physical storefront is a worthwhile endeavor to undertake. While we certainly live in an day wherein ecommerce is a booming business, we’ve also seen that the brick-and-mortar store can be a powerful game-changer for organizations.

Getting Your Company Listed on The Stock Market

Getting your company listed on the stock market is a sure fire way to increase its prestige, and an extremely well-trodden path to raising vital capital through selling shares. However, it’s also a lengthy process laden with legal steps, a great deal of paperwork and a complex exchange process. There are several stages you must navigate successfully before you’re fully authorised to finally start trading, starting with carrying out the legal work necessary for an initial public stock offering. Let’s breakdown the process step-by-step for you.

New Year's Resolution Every Small Business Owner Needs to Make

Towards the end of December, a lot of people start using phrases like “New Year, new me”. This is mostly the reason why gyms are packed full during the first two weeks of January. However, for a business and a business owner a start of the new calendar year can mark a date when you start to implement a series of massive changes. With that in mind, here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions that would revolutionize your business, provided that you actually go through with them.

Opening an Ice Cream Parlor? How to Hire Only the Sweetest Employees

Ice cream is a wonderful treat that just about everyone can enjoy. If you plan to open an ice cream parlor, you can contribute an absolutely delightful new business to your neighborhood. However, you also need to make you have the right staff. Here's how to hire only the sweetest employees for your ice cream parlor. 

Strengthen Employer Brand 
If you want to hire great employees, you need to make sure you have a great business. Think about strategies you can have to give your business a great reputation. For instance, you should pay fair wages and try to include benefits. People will be more drawn to your ice cream parlor if they can tell that you truly care about the employees. 

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A User-Friendly Website

61% of users abandon a site and go to the next one if they don’t quickly find what they are looking for.  Over 94% of people judge the quality of a website based on how responsive it is.

In today’s fast-paced life, few have the time to deal with a poorly optimized and structured website. Now, merely having a website isn’t enough to garner you, visitors. Instead, you must make it user-friendly as well.

Want High Traffic for your Ecommerce Portal? Responsive Web Design is the Answer

The use of website from early days of Internet was important as people communicated with each other and shared information apart from earlier messaging softwares. And the rest is history as now it is the de-facto way of conducting business worldwide. Businesses rely greatly on websites to carry out e commerce activities and make people look at their products and services and eventually them.

How To Find the Best Business Credit Card Unveiled?

Thinking how to avail a good business credit card? Remember you are not alone here. These cards come with an array of benefits for small business owners. Besides applying for it is an excellent secondary financing option especially when one is in the requirement for financing yet does not qualify for a traditional business loan.  They can utilize one as a backup for business financing for building business credit, cushioning their cash flow, earning rewards on their purchases and the list continues.

Tips To Find Right Accountant for Your Small Business

Finances are the backbone of any business no matter whatever the size of the firm is. A firm with good financial management is able to grow and prosper well in the economic market. But how is this possible? Do you manage it alone or take the help of some professionals? Business organization has many forms viz sole proprietorship, partnership, company (private or public limited), joint ventures and many more. An accountant is an essential part of the organization that effectively helps you to manage the money of your organization.

Does Your Organization Have A Backup Of Your Data?

A sizable chunk of your business worth is defined by the data you own. This could include your customer list, proprietary product docs, income data, patent applications, and so on. A recent study showed that a shocking 58% of SMBs are not prepared for data loss. What’s more - nearly 60% of such organizations that lose their data tend to shut down within the first six months.

Can an LLC Invest in the Stock Market?

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a business entity that combines the best features of a partnership and a corporation. The purpose of an LLC is to act as a liability shield and as a separate legal "person" for purposes of conducting business with other companies and persons.

By operating as an LLC, its owners, referred to as "members," are shielded from liability and can divide ownership and management responsibilities according to an operating agreement.