September, 2020

5 Things to Know About SPV's for Your Business

What Is a Special Purpose Vehicle? A Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Company, also known as Special Purpose Entity (SPE), refers to a limited company that is created as a subsidiary of a parent company or sponsoring firm.

Often masked behind the financial tables, Special-Purpose Vehicles are increasingly becoming the headline subject of the recent business arena. According to the Wall Street Journal, Business firms have now turned their focus to SPV's as a smart way to own assets, raise debts levels, and minimizing risks while maximizing profits.

How Businesses Can Adapt to Stay Successful and Competitive in the Digital Age

The rise of our digital age has resulted in our ability to make meaningful, productive connections with people from across the planet. For many businesses, this has been an opportunity to become exposed to markets that would have seemed impractical just a couple of decades ago. Not to mention that tech tools can be a boon to efficiency.

How Businesses Can Work from Home During COVID-19

As the global menace of COVID-19 continues to rise, businesses around the world have chosen to shut their doors, shutter their blinds, and transfer nearly all of their operations online – perhaps even permanently for some. From IT support firms to retail stores, it seems there isn’t any organisation that hasn’t felt the pressure to start working from home.

Necessities to Accessories: Essentials You Need When Opening Your Own Salon

Opening a salon is a lofty goal, but it can be very rewarding when you reach it. First, as with any kind of business, you need to procure the essentials before officially opening to the public. Here are some of the essentials you’ll need when it comes to opening your own salon.

Welcoming Furniture

10 Reasons for Customer Churn That Your Company Needs to Address

The idea that companies must focus on customer retention has become so entrenched that entrepreneurs avoid taking any risks, especially when it comes to customer experiences.


But have modern business owners really cracked the code to put a full stop to customer churn?

What makes On-demand Business Model a Successful Strategy for Entrepreneurs?

The combination of on-demand businesses and mobile apps has drastically changed our lives. As per statista, revenue in on-demand business is estimated to reach US$70,741 million (approx.) in 2020. Now you don’t need to stand in a queue for your food or wave your hands to get a taxi. You can get them by making a few clicks over your smartphone.

On-demand businesses are growing due to the faster growth rate and vast business opportunities. Over the last few years, on-demand applications have become immensely popular in multiple industry verticals like food, healthcare, travel and transportation, grocery, fuel, automobile, and e-commerce.

How to Sell More amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is no news that some of the most iconic businesses are shutting down. Lord & Taylor, the oldest departmental store in the US, just recently filed for bankruptcy. So has Stein Mart, a retailer founded in 1908 and which employs over 9,000 people. 

Reduced consumer spending, government restrictions, and measures such as social distancing are hurting almost every business today. But there is hope. 

How Can You Get a Satisfactory SAP Calculation for Your Building? Your Top Questions Answered

SAP calculations or assessments are a necessary test for any building project, particularly if you are planning to sell or rent out your building or development in the future. The assessment is performed by an assessor, but it's important to remember that the assessor you choose should be fully versed in the evolving regulations regarding SAP assessments so they can give you the best test – and advice. But there are indeed other ways to get a more favourable rating and assessment, and by knowing what you can do, you can even save extra money if you don't have to deal with a retrospective adjustment in the end. So how can you get a satisfactory SAP calculation for your building? Here, your top questions are answered.

11 Good Practices For Your B2b Website

We have grouped into 11 practices and some tips to make your website stand out and get better conversion and lead generation results.

Let's get started:


The web as a seller makes it very clear to the visitor from the beginning what is its value proposition of the company, what it does, and what it can do for him as a customer.

Guide to Helping Your Employees Stay Healthy while Working from Home

The lives of workers seem to have been changing every day for quite some time now. With the recent emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, one more massive change occurred. It presents us with new challenges and uncertainties to overcome. So, whether you're an owner of a business, a team leader, or just an employee, this article can be very useful to you. It's a guide to helping your employees stay healthy while working from home.