Choosing the Right CMS for Your New Website

Content Management Systems, or CMS, have been used for years for many different platforms. Whether you’re writing a “mommy” blog, or building an industrial empire, CMS options can help you build, publish, and edit your internet content. But how do you know which CMS platform is right for you?


Finding the right CMS for your website doesn’t have to be a pain! Breaking down the various styles, whether you’re using it for business or personal growth, or how the programs work will all be beneficial to help you find the right management system for you!

The Many Options for CMS

Whether you’re looking for ways to market your business on a budget, or trying to start a personal blog, there are a plethora of options for you to choose from as far as CMS. Here are the main types of content management systems:


  • Web content: authorizes website authoring, administration tools, and collaboration tools that help new creators set up a web page without a lot of programming knowledge.
  • Enterprise content: help to process, obtain, and share information between employees. shareholders, and customers.
  • Web group content: a system built to support materials like documents, images, videos, and other sources of media.
  • Component content: a form of content management that focuses on the ingredients rather than the main dish. I.E. a single image, topic, or product within a page.


Understanding these content systems can help you further determine which platform would be best for you!


Popularity and Growth

Another way to choose between the many CMS options, is to focus on what platforms are the most popular, as well as what will provide you with the most growth! It may be as simple as choosing between Drupal vs Wordpress, but you never know until you do a little digging on your own. Find sites like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla!, and HubSpot, and figure out which platform may work best for you!


You should also take into consideration the amount of growth, either personal or professional, that a particular site or system may offer you. Sites like Wix and Sitefinity offer visually pleasing websites, cloud storage, and other technological advancements that are growing in popularity. Find what’s best for you by looking into the many development tools and processes that are available for each CMS.


Classic Pros and Cons

Knowing what’s best for you may also include knowing what ISN’T best for you. Perhaps you’re interested in putting out personal content that will inspire others, or perhaps you’re looking to the future of chatbots in social media to run more content than you can create alone. No matter what direction you’re looking to go, you need to break down the various pros and cons of each platform in order to really understand what will suit your needs.


For instance, Wordpress offers an easy to use site, that can help you create an incredible amount of content, with pretty low operating costs. However, security and individual customization is sometimes an issue with this CMS. By knowing what the management system can and cannot do well, you’ll be able to find the right content tool for you.


Your New Website and the Right CMS for You!

Finding the right content management system for your content, either personal or professional, will help you to develop your new website into something you can allow yourself to be proud of in the long run! Find out which style of CMS is right for your website, whether there are cons and pros you should discover, or what platform may offer you the most growth, and you’re on your way to a successful website launch!


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