Let’s See What’s Happening with the “Little Green Guy”

It’s been a month since Go Green Go has won the 2009 Idea Café Grant – let’s see what’s happening with the “little green guy”. Our goals were to update the website and put “the little green guy” on a T-shirt design and get ready to launch the first in the series of our eco-friendly activities.

I’m happy to report that great strides were made on the web site. We have a community page that details the ultimate purpose of the company and the organizations that we are partnering with to accomplish these goals. As I worked on the site, I realize that this will be an ongoing project as the company continues to evolve. (There is also a sneak preview of the first design).

I am also happy, actually more happy (I know that’s not proper grammar), to report that we have finally put the finishing touches on our initial design. The first eco-friendly activity that we will showcase is Walking. The little green guy is very happy to be doing his part to help the environment by walking more.

The greatest challenge that I faced this month was making the final decisions on the design. It has actually taken about a year to get to this phase of the project. Starting from a vision, putting “words” to the vision so that others could “see” the vision and ultimately putting the vision on paper so it could take on a life of its own. It’s been and continues to be quite a journey. The journey has included a constant revamping of ideas, incorporating opinions and suggestions into the design process, eliminating some of the not so great ideas and suggestions……then at some point in the process the suggestions, ideas and opinions must come to and end and the final decision must be made and someone has to make that decision - YIKES – that’s the scary part. But it’s been done - the colors have been chosen, T-shirts have been ordered, the printing will soon begin and before we know it the “Little Green Guy” will have a life of his own, participating in all his favorite eco-friendly activities.

Next goal and challenge – Working with the Community Partners – I will start to work with the students of Manchester Community College during the coming year. The students and I will have an opportunity to work together to develop some marketing and advertising ideas for Go Green Go.

About the author

Susan Jenkins is the founder of Go Green Go, a T-shirt business that promotes eco-friendly activities, such as walking, hiking, biking, sailing, etc. To learn more, visit http://justgogreengo.com/.


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