Staying Active And Motivated While Working From Home

Working from home gives you freedom you simply cannot achieve in an office. No commute, no ‘being late looks’ at the office, no one to nag you. However, these are the same reasons why working from home can be looked down upon as lacking discipline and organization. Though they can be results from working from home, still it is possible to avoid them.

By dedicating a little bit of your time to organize your work and your work day, you will not only meet those deadlines more easily but you will also improve the quality of your work.

Organize your work

The great thing about working from home is that you can organize your work whichever way you want to, but for many this raises the problem of productivity. Assigning your own regular work hours can make your work more efficient. Try to create a timetable around your most productive hours, in the early morning, in the afternoon or at night, but stick to it. Add break time to your schedule so as to have little excuse to miss on work.

In order to meet those deadlines more easily, write down your planned workload for each day and each week. This way, you can track your progress and be sure you have completed all of your tasks in time.

Create work space

Though working from your bed in your pajamas sounds comfy, again it isn’t the best way to get work done. Instead try to create work space in your home. The best solution is a separate room which functions as your office, but even if that is not possible you can still create work space. Instead of moving around the house, choose one space which will work as your office. Work at a desk, with all of your necessities within reach.

By creating this space you create a place where you can have the working atmosphere, without having to be in an actual office. Also, to give the space extra productive vibes, wear clothes which are comfortable but are not the clothes in which you sleep or rest.

 Eye on the ball

By separating your work space physically, you have created the basis for your ‘office’. Now you have to create the productive atmosphere. Each of us is different, so for some absolute quiet is required while for others TV or some music in the background is more appealing. The key is to find what suits you. Before you start your work each day, organize everything so that you can remain focused on your work without unnecessary distractions.

Exercise daily

Working at home usually entails working at a desk, sitting for hours over your work. By sitting properly you will help your back immensely, but exercising should also be a part of your routine. Regular exercise will help your body and your mind recuperate and you needn’t spend more than 15-20 minutes exercising each day.

For better results, as in the case of work clothes, put on some proper workout clothes like best yoga tights. Though we commonly associate sportswear with gym, wearing workout clothes is especially important if you choose to work out at home. Proper sport equipment will make you feel more motivated to exercise outside of gym.


When you are working from home, it is important to socialize. Because of our busy work schedules, it is hard to find time for friends. Though we constantly text, email and connect through social media, meeting face-to-face is getting less and less frequent. Having a pleasant chat can lift your spirits and help you maintain your social needs, which will also reflect on the quality of your work.

Working from home can be a blessing or a curse, it all depends on how you look at it. In order to do your job well and on time, you will have to organize your work and stick to your regime. By dividing work space and creating work atmosphere, you will help yourself be in the right mood to work. Exercising and socializing will benefit your overall health and help you to stay active and motivated to do your job well.


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