Boosting Revenue with Reseller Web Hosting: a Q&A

In these challenging economic times, entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking for effective ways to boost revenue by adding on to existing services and up-selling customers. Reseller Web hosting is one area that has emerged as a reliable revenue stream for entrepreneurs. Idea Cafe discusses the topic with Stephen Holford, Chief Marketing Officer at Fasthosts Internet, Inc.

Idea Cafe: What is reseller web hosting, and why should entrepreneurs consider it as a reliable revenue stream?

Idea Cafe talks to business expert Jim Tracy

Please tell us a bit about yourself. When did your passion for working with small businesses start? Jim Tracy, 43, married, two sons, President of America's Best Companies, educated with a degree in Chemistry from Loyola University.

The passion for working with small businesses started when I was nine or ten and my father started a small plumbing company. I watched him experience the highs and lows of building and maintaining a small business. I was destined in life to build my career around helping small businesses. It was easy for me to identify with their needs.

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