Updates on the Seventh Idea Cafe Grant

Now that we have selected the finalists (read more about them here and here), voting for the winner of the Seventh Idea Cafe Grant is now open, and will continue until July 7th. Visit the voting page (free registration required).

Today we start presenting our finalists in more detail. Every finalist who sent in answers to our question will be featured on the Idea Cafe blog. Regulars can learn more about the competing businesses, and help us determine the winner with their votes. We will be presenting preliminary results, while voting is underway.


Friendly Fungus Farms is a

Friendly Fungus Farms is a small operation I started it just a few months back. It seems like it took off and got huge overnite . My operation is in Va and expanding into North Carolina , with a potentionally huge international market. The power to my greenhouse is operating from solar panels. My operation is being based on alternative energy. All of our vegitables and herbs are grown organically and our mushroom spawn is organically certified. The description of my company was not fully described as I submitted it . This is the reason why I am posting this comment, so peolpe can read somewhat about I am doing. please vote for my buissness , Thank you!

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