WOMbeat! - Operating at WARP Speed (and More Updates)

As you may know from our recent updates, we here at WOMbeat! have used the winning proceeds from the Idea Café “Innovation & Originality Grant” to continue updating our website which allows our users to easily share great local recommendations with people they actually know and trust - friends, family and coworkers. Some of you may have already seen many of the new features we have already implemented over the past couple of months.

However, our most recent efforts have been focused on improving the performance on the WOMbeat! site. Frankly, we were running into performance issues due to the increased traffic and user registration. For a business like ours, this is mission critical; because if people visit our site and have a bad experience, they may not come back. First impressions are so important, and we are working hard to put our best face forward.

Today, I am proud to announce that WOMbeat! is now operating at WARP speed (a little homage to my father, a huge Star Trek fan!).

In addition, we also threw in another neat little feature that allows our users to upload their pictures. Since one of the things that distinguishes WOMbeat! from other online directories is the credibility of the reviews, we understand that seeing the picture of someone who wrote the review will add value to our users. Plus, we always like to see pictures of our friends, right?

Now that we have fixed this critical performance issue, we can now begin to put our focus on finishing up those really cool advertising and customer retention tools for business owners that will actually result in more customer referrals. How? By doing two things:

(1) Giving their customers a better reason for spreading the word, and
(2) Making it much easier and simpler for them to do so.

So if you have not visited the site recently, I hope you will visit WOMbeat! now. I’d love for you to experience the improved performance and upload your photo. Please let us know what you think. Hopefully, by our next update, we will be able to announce more progress on our other development work. So please stay tuned…

As always, feel free to drop us a line anytime should you have questions or want to learn even more.

PS – Yes, WOMbeat! is only operating across the state of Florida today. If you are a Florida business owner, please make sure we have your business listed on our site. If your business is located outside of Florida, please have patience…we will be coming your way soon.


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