10 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

Nothing happens in business until a sale is made. Marketing is simply about getting new customers and keeping them. If you're not doing something everyday to market and promote your business, your competitors are. Here are ten easy-to-implement tips to effectively market and grow your business:

1. Partner with large email database list owners and offer to cross promote each other. The list owner will advertise your event, product, or service to their email database and you'll offer to do the same to your list.

The Importance of Social Media Branding

Starting a new business takes a lot of preparation, scheduling, hiring, and number crunching. While you are working as the CEO or COO of your company, it is easy to get consumed by the internal needs and maintenance. Instead of focusing all of your attention solely on picking out conference room chairs and desks, you are going to need to perform some outreach and market yourself through social media.

Limited Funds Doesn’t Mean Limited Marketing

A small business has a great product to offer potential clients but the marketing budget is close to or in the red. Is there any hope of spreading the word and avoiding a major financial issue?

In a day and age when small businesses are attempting to do more with less, effectively marketing one’s company when funds are tight can be like walking on egg shells. 

Networking as Your Sole Marketing Vehicle

As people realize we like them and respect their opinions, they share information about themselves that can be helpful in analyzing whether they can use our products or services.

So says Canadian businessman Michael J. Hughes, who is known as "THE Networking Guru." Hughes runs a highly successful Ottawa, Ontario-based consulting business that works with Fortune 500 companies and international associations across North America.

Niche Marketing: 13 Brilliant Niche Business Ideas

The key to successful niche marketing is to pick a niche small enough to dominate, and large enough to be profitable. It's an extremely delicate balance that requires both skill and luck. But when you strike  that perfect balance, and are able to dominate a niche, you automatically become the recognized expert and authority in your field - and suddenly, your cup runneth over!

Social Media for Small Business: 52 Points Toward An Informed Decision

Information overload emerged as a public health concern in the mid-nineties. An increasing volume of e-mail, voice mail, and faxes were competing with other media for people's attention more than ever before. Psychologists were speaking of Information Fatigue, a new syndrome with symptoms plaguing a growing number as communication escalated in the information age.

Is Direct Mail Really Dead?

Even with sky high postage costs, a properly executed direct mail campaign still provides a solid ROI. What? You've bought into the myth that direct mail is dead?

The Pervasion of Disrespectful Marketing

Question: What's the best way to lose potential customers?

Answer: Piss them off.

Yet, that's exactly what many Internet marketers are doing...pissing off potential customers. How? By using disrespectful marketing methods. Unfortunately, there seems to be a pervasion of intrusive and disrespectful marketing on websites across the Internet.

The Importance of Evaluating Marketing Tactics

Brushing up on your marketing tactics is never a bad idea. Whether it is deciding on what new tactics to dive into, or how to make the ones you currently use better, sometimes the best idea is to just take a step back.

Look at your goals
When setting goals there are two things you need to consider--one is how attainable they are, and the second is how you are going to reach them.

WOMbeat! - Operating at WARP Speed (and More Updates)

As you may know from our recent updates, we here at WOMbeat! have used the winning proceeds from the Idea Café “Innovation & Originality Grant” to continue updating our website which allows our users to easily share great local recommendations with people they actually know and trust - friends, family and coworkers. Some of you may have already seen many of the new features we have already implemented over the past couple of months.

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