Managing RFQs for project managers

Once your project has been approved, there is a good chance that in order to complete the necessary work you will require goods and services that come from an external source. To do this you will need to solicit bids from vendors and contractors, and this requires a specific type of documentation - a request for proposal, or RFP.

Safe And Easy Ways To Handle Packaging And Shipping During The Covid-19 Crisis

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has led to some massive changes in the lifestyles of nearly everyone on the planet. Because many people can’t or don’t want to leave their homes, many more people are shopping online for their wants and needs.

The Top Three Little-Known Benefits of a Commercial Air Conditioning System for Your Business

If you have been considering installing an air conditioning system for your business premises – whether you have a restaurant, an inn, a café or pub, a real estate office, a car dealership, or have a corporate office and so on – you may already have a good perspective on what air conditioning systems can do. You may already know, for instance, that it allows you to keep the indoor temperature constant and consistent throughout the year, making your staff and clients more comfortable as well. Proper air conditioning systems can also filter out dust and pollen and make the indoor air cleaner and fresher. But there are indeed other benefits you can look forward to if you install an air conditioning system, and these other benefits are worth considering as well. Here, then, are the top three little-known benefits of a commercial air conditioning system for your business.

7 Profitable Business Ideas for Single Moms

Most people envision themselves becoming parents at one point in their lives, but not so many people fantasize about becoming single parents. Those who have experienced it know: being a single mom implies that you're the mother, father, cook, driver, nurse, and everything in between. Once you add the stress of trying to provide for your children while also being able to spend quality time with them, many start to wonder whether it is possible to have it all. Do successful single moms exist outside of Hollywood movies? The answer to both of these questions is - of course! A few profitable business ideas for single moms and a pinch of perseverance are all you really need.

7 Tips for Moms to Start Online Business During Covid-19

Very few businesses have been untouched by the global crisis. As a result, many have found themselves with their incomes either reduced or lost. If you’re a parent, your biggest concern is how to support your children under these circumstances. Since most countries have gone back into full lockdown, going on a job hunt is near impossible.

Best Practices to Consider When Pivoting to Online Customer Service

The pandemic made something truly clear to small business owners. If a business is not able to adapt, then it can quickly fail. When a business is first beginning to provide online customer service, they often find it overwhelming. Before 2020, only 66% of small businesses had a website, which means that 33% of businesses had no way to reach their customers locked inside during the quarantine and the shutdown. Communication with your customers is critical whether it is online or in person, and while the world may slowly be opening its doors, the way we do business has fundamentally changed.

5 Ways Slow Networks Impact Businesses

Slow networks within businesses are frustrating for everyone using them, and nobody wants to wait five minutes for their web page to load!


More than being frustrating, having a slow network can impact your business in multiple areas, which is why it's well worth taking the time to address your network cabling rather than just putting up with it.

How to Launch an Affiliate Program That Drives Revenue?

There is no magic bullet for lead generation; what works for one company cannot work for another.


However, when used correctly, several lead-generation techniques yield results and effectively generate new sales.


We're talking about affiliate marketing, which is used by 81% of brands in some capacity. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of developing a profitable affiliate program for your business.

3 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Casinos

Current-generation technology, specifically the Internet, has presented business owners with an accessible and versatile platform to reach their target audiences more effectively and proactively. It has also provided consumers with channels to allow them to interact and develop stronger relationships with brands. And one industry that continues to rely on and leverage the World Wide Web to attract and engage users is gaming. In this highly competitive sector, establishing an online presence and creating exposure is essential to success. In this guide, we’ll explore a few tips that should maximise your online casino’s exposure online. Read on to find out more.

How to Expand Your Real Estate Business

A real estate business is a long-term investment which, when done right, can offer a profitable outcome. If you are already on the property ladder there are many ways to invest in real estate, but not every route will lead to business growth. Here is a quick guide to help you expand your real estate business successfully.


Find a Niche

Great news, you have successfully achieved your first property, perhaps you even have a string of homes under your belt. So, what’s next? One great way to grow your business is to find a niche and then stick with it. With so much competition on the market, the best way to expand is to hone in on one particular area and become an expert in it.

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