September, 2013

Five Great Tips to Improve Safety in the Workplace

When it comes to workplace safety, there are many tips that can be followed to help ensure everyone on the job stays as safe as possible. In doing this, business owners can rest assured they provide a safe and healthy environment for their employees to work in. In the event that a safety issue or problem was to arise, contacting an attorney similar to a workers compensation lawyer in New Orleans but here are some preventative measures that you can take to avoid having to call an attorney.

Modern Business- Five Tips To Running A Business Outside The Office

Business owners will be happy to know that it has never been easier to run your business, without having to be in the office. Technology has afforded the opportunity to run your business from home, a coffee shop, or even from the palm of your hand. This makes it easier for business owners to relax and enjoy the things they love, while assuring they keep up with the success of their company. This list will take a look at five tips to running a business from outside the office.

The choices of opening an online shop

Once you’ve opened your new business and decided that you want to sell online, there are a number of choices available to you and a few decisions you’ll need to make about how you want to trade online.  Whilst online trading may sound easy there are some serious options that you’ll need to consider which will have a profound impact on how your business will operate, market and trade.

5 Effortless Ways to Get Your New Business On the Map

Opening up the doors to your new business is a sheer thrill and full of pure excitement. Along with this endeavor comes the challenge of getting yourself on the map. What are some easy ways you can get noticed?

Take a Moment to Review Your Business Past

If there is one thing that is true in business, is that customer's memories are long.

They don't frequently forget bad customer service, business missteps, or negative reviews. However, bad reviews don't have to be a death-knell to your business.

CNBC’s The Profit: Finally…a Reality TV Show with Valuable Lessons

CNBC’s new show, The Profit, starring businessman Marcus Lemonis, should be required, must-see-TV for any small business owner. The show is a unique hybrid between Shark Tank and Bar Rescue. Mr. Lemonis, the uber-successful CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises, evaluates struggling, small businesses and by the conclusion of each episode decides whether or not to financially invest in the business.

5 Surefire Ways to Accelerate Your Company's Technology Processes

Technology makes it easier for your company to increase productivity, lower costs and increase profits. Tools such as a smartphone or videoconferencing software are two examples of technological advancements that make it easier for your business to thrive. What are some ways that you can accelerate your company's technology processes?

We Need to Trim Our Company Budget

Looking for ways to get that business budget under control and trim some of the excess?

While some small businesses spend too much in areas, there are those that are frugal and still can't make ends meet.

Banking on Business: 5 Ways to Keep the Finances Flowing

A small business is something that requires financing to get off the ground, and this means that one might have to look at a variety of options. A bank loan is the most traditional way to fund a small business, but there are other options to consider. Don't make a final decision before considering all these options.

How to Build a Laser Targeted Referral System

A referral system is an effective marketing tactic that can have a very high success rate. It can bring in new sales leads from unexpected areas. Building a referral system involves much more than encouraging existing customers to talk about the products or services offered. It involves looking closely at the market and developing long-term strategies. Building a laser-targeted referral system involves several important steps.