April, 2014

How to Avoid the ‘Groupon Effect’ With Your Next Sales Promotion

It sounds like a no-brainer: Offer dramatic discounts through social media, and watch as new customers pour into your business.

They’ll come — that’s been proven. But as plenty of Groupon clients found out during the company’s heyday, a glut of new business at a heavily discounted rate can be too much of a good thing.

Giving Back: Partner Your Business With a Cause for Win-Win Results

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that almost 63 million Americans volunteered for a non-profit organization last year. If you have a passion for giving back and a business you need to market, this is for you. Partnering your small business with a local or national charity might be the perfect solution to get your business off the ground in a philanthropic way.

How to Increase Your Local Business' Reputation

Your business’ reputation within the local community is essential to lasting success. If your company has a negative standing, even if only slightly, sales can drop off and lost business may be irretrievable. If positive, it may be only temporary, or not sufficient enough to sustain an acceptable approval rating in the minds of your consumers. Maintaining a positive perception of your business to your local community can be done with some easy tips and suggestions found right here.

Better First Impressions: 5 Ways to Improve and Build Better Relationships With Customers

A business' relationship with its customers are the single most important connection it has. Customers are the life of any business, be it a service-oriented enterprise or a manufacturing plant. The larger and more solid your customer bases are, the more profits reeled in and, more importantly, the greater exposure your brand gets. Impressing your loyal patrons and building unshakable relationships with them, however, is easier said than done.

5 Business Benefits Of Hiring Someone On Disability

There are many different benefits of hiring a person who qualifies as a person with a disability. Although the job position will be filled, there are other benefits that an employer can take advantage of.

Fast-Growing Companies to Watch in 2014

The companies that are projected to do well in 2014 come from vastly dissimilar walks of life. Some companies are increasing their EPS growth due to specific market booms whereas other companies are riding the wave of increased consumer confidence.

Company Branding: What You Can Use to Help Promote Your Business

There's a lot more to business than just creating a clever product or service, and assuming people will want to purchase it. No matter how good your product, service, or business plan is, you are going to struggle without proper branding and promotion. These are tools and tips you can use for promoting your business and keeping your company name on your target consumers' minds.

How To Prevent Accidents From Happening In Your Restaurant

Accidents are inevitable no matter what the business, but by adhering to specific safety rules and procedures, you can minimize them. As a restaurant owner, you have some unique safety concerns to consider. Here are some ways you can prevent accidents from happening in your restaurant and avoid the potential nightmare of being sued.

6 Leadership Practices for Superior Customer Service

Whether you are a smaller company with a lot of heart or a larger company that wants to make sure that it is putting its best foot foreward, take a moment to think about what steps you could be taking to improve customer satisfaction. Take initiatve and think about spearheading these suggestions at your place of employment.

State Your Business: The 5 Best States to Start a New Company In

When you’re doing your best to get your new startup company up and running, you need to make sure that the deck is stacked in your favor. That means, among other things, making sure that you find the right economic climate in which to found your fledgling financial empire. After all, when it comes to locations that are especially conducive to fostering and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit, not all states are created equal. A 2013 study conducted by Thumbtack and Kauffman Foundation surveyed 7,766 small-business owners from across the country, and asked them to grade their states on a number of factors which might have an impact on the overall success of a new business, and you might be surprised to see who the winners are. So, which areas are the best places in which to found a startup? Read on to find out.