December, 2016

5 Types of Insurance Coverage Online Businesses Need

If you run an online business, you might assume the typical business necessities - including insurance - don’t apply to you. But it turns out that you need business insurance just as much as any other business owner. Take a look at the main insurance coverage types that your online business will benefit from.

Tips for Incorporating More Social Media in Your Advertising Campaign

Reach a larger number of potential customers with these tips for incorporating more social media into your advertising campaign. These five crucial parts of social media marketing will help create a more successful marketing strategy. It is important to have a plan for creating, updating, and maintaining your company's social media accounts, as well as the funds to launch a social media adverting campaign. Adding more social media into your existing campaign is a great way to use your resources and get your ideas out to more people the key is doing it right. Use the tips below to find out where you can improve your own efforts.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

WordPress is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use content management systems you can opt for. Having this in mind, it does not come as a surprise that there are more than 75 million websites that depend on it. This means that WordPress accounts for more than 20% of the websites out there. Another thing that makes this content management system so special are the plugins. Right now, there are plugins for anything you might need. We have selected 5 of them that might just be perfect for your business website.

Content Marketing Rookie to Super Hero in 12 Weeks [Infographic]

Content marketing is one of online advertising's most popular fields. At its core, the concept is simple: Businesses create and publish content in the form of posts to convert viewers.

But there's far more to content marketing than simply writing up a few blog posts. Every content marketing campaign needs to have a mission whether it's to convert viewers into customers, gain more social media followers or have people sign up for a mailing list. 

Four tell-tale signs your best employee is going to quit

New year, new job. It’s a natural reflex to reach the end of the year and reflect on where you are and what you want to accomplish next year. Admit it, you’ve thought about it – and there’s every chance your employees are thinking it too.

No-one wants to see their best colleagues leave.

How To Open A Coffee Shop

The last few years has seen a massive increase in the popularity of coffee shops. All over the world, countless coffee shops are opened every day. With so many cafes opening worldwide, competition is strong. Prior to planning the opening of your coffee shop, it’s essential that you do some extensive research. Checking out the coffee stores in your area is vital. Being aware of their offers, pricesand general atmosphere of each establishment will allow you to be better or be different. What can you offer your customers that other establishments cannot?

4 Cash-flow Tips for the Startup Manager

Managing your finances can be a huge drain for any business owner. However, if you learn to budget your income and expenditures properly, it will be a lot easier.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who left a secure job to start your own business, you’ll observe the difference moving from a regular income to a haphazard one. It can make budgeting a heartache from what it used to be. The irregular flow of income in a small business (any business) is one of the risks of managing the finance.

Beat Out Competitors in Hiring Top Talent

When was the last time you had to hire someone for your company?

If it has been some time since doing that, might you be a little rusty when the time comes again?

Direct Sales Made Easy: 4 Keys to Converting Your Leads

A good lead is the opportunity every sales team is waiting for. It means that your reputation is good enough that people are coming to you. We know that more people today are using the internet to do their shopping, and 57 percent of the purchase decision is made before anyone calls you. But it certainly isn't a guarantee on making a sale. Keep in mind these four keys to converting leads into sales.

4 Ways to Make Your Mobile Marketing Efforts Rock

Are you a business owner hoping that 2017 is the year your business takes off and soars?

If so, there are myriad of ways to try and do that. Yes, some will ultimately work better than others.

That said one way to give your business a little kick in the pants is turning to mobile marketing.