December, 2016

Why Startups need SEO and SMM to build their business

A startup certainly needs every possible advantage to get ahead in a super-competitive world. But here is where things get interesting in the modern age. A small little minnow can upset a whale simply because they both operate in the ocean of the digital world! The online world offers a whole bunch of advantages to a startup and SEO and SMM are two such tools.

When Is the Right Time for My Business To Hire A Managed Service Provider?

With rapid technology changes and the constant threat of hackers, every company deals with pressing IT issues. An easier solution may be to outsource your problems to third party managed IT services. A managed services provider (MSP) already has the expertise and resources to resolve your IT challenges and an MSP is a good alternative for small to medium businesses that may not have the staff or resources to fully develop and support your company's infrastructure. Here are some signs that it might be a good time to consider hiring an IT services provider.

5 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

Every business, no matter how large or small, must have a presence on social media. It’s a simple fact, given that almost 2 billion people use social media! While establishing a profile on today’s top networks is important, it’s even more important that you cut through the noise and let your voice be heard.

Today we’re going to look at five ways you can give your business an edge on social media. These tactics will ensure you’re on the radar for your target audience and basking in the exposure social media can offer for your business.

7 Ways Company Culture Is Killing Your Profits

Culture is kind of a fad or a gimmick right now in startups. I've been spending some time over the last two years doing some consulting with small businesses and it seems like all of them that have been born in the last ten years have a foozball table. Now if I ask why they have a foozball table, the CEO will give me some kind of rambling response about employee satisfaction and culture, which is a pretty clear indicator that they don't understand what company culture is and what company culture is for.

Perfectly Productive: Best Tips to Keep Your Office Running Smoothly & on Task

Ongoing confusion and disorder in your office will bring your company to a grinding halt and quickly drive your sales into the ground. Luckily, most business owners and managers only need to make a few small changes to the work environment to restore order and improve efficiency.

What All Startups Should Know About Attracting Investors

Even companies like Facebook or Google had their days of disappointment and hardship when it came to bringing on board prospective investors. As a CEO, you've got to acknowledge the fact that investors won't just flock enthusiastically to your startup and park thousands of dollars of their hard-earned cash without scrutinizing every bit of your company. Here's five tips on how to attract investors without the fuss.

Prove Your Startup Works 

Getting Into The Food Truck Business? 3 Strategies To Get In The Market

Food trucks are a city staple and offer plenty of advantages including lower startup and operating costs, more independence and, of course, the ability to actually move where business is booming.

If you're thinking of starting your own food truck, here are three strategies you can use right away that will help make your day-to-day operations smoother and help attract customers.

Anik Singal: Find Success in the Face of Failure

“When life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back.” This quote by Anik Singal in many ways describes the path that an entrepreneur must take to get to their promised land. Most entrepreneurs are in many way like Singal and are trying to find ways of turning things that they are passionate about into profitable business. However, not all entrepreneurs get to rise to the revered heights that only a few enjoy. Sometimes, it all comes down to an idea that wasn’t as good as the entrepreneur thought but in many cases, it’s how the entrepreneurs react to the challenges they meet that determines whether or not they make it.

3 Tips to Boost Your Online Presence for More Business

Likely you know this, but it bears repeating: To succeed as an entrepreneur today, it’s critical that you establish a strong presence online. 

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or your business exists entirely online, the success of your business depends on your online presence. Here are a few tips and tools to help raise awareness about your brand.

Protect Your Company: 4 Ways to Keep Your Business Investment Safe

An emergency can happen in the blink of an eye, and a business owner who is not prepared for these scenarios is putting their company and employees at risk. With a little effort and planning, you can be sure that your business is ready for any devastating event you might encounter.