June, 2017

The Importance of Empathy in Business

Empathy is important in all parts of life, but in the business world, it can get lost with all the focus on products, profits, and the bottom line. But encouraging empathy in your employees can improve customer service. Using empathy to guide policy for employees and for product and service development improves your company culture and helps you build a company that people feel good supporting. Below are some ways to incorporate empathy into your daily business practices and overall customer experience.

Competitive Companies: Top Ways Your Business Can Improve Your Strategic Game Plan

Regardless of whether you're in the planning stages or have been in operation for some time, how you choose to strategize your growth and longevity can play a vital role in your success. You can build your business model and capture a higher market segment from competitors with any or all of the following strategies.

Ensure High Quality

Tips to Get Your Slumping Business Back on Track

A business going into a slump in today’s market is all too common. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics gives new businesses an approximately 50/50 shot of making it past the five-year mark. Since 50% do make it, that means it is possible to turn things around. So, what can you do to get your slumping business back on track?

First Impression Insight: 3 Tips For Improving Customers' First Impression Of Your Business

Any business owner knows that their customers' first impression of their business is key to their continued success. With so much revenue coming from return customers, you must impress those who see your business for the first time. With so many new forms of marketing being implemented each year, it is important to stay on the latest trends and move forward with the times. Here are three tips that can greatly improve your customer's first impression of your business.

A Guide to Hiring Your First Employee

There’s something special about that moment when you’re ready to hire your first employee. That means that the business has become something more than your personal endeavor. It has become sustainable enough to need and be able to support someone else. From that point on the company is going to be only as good as the employees you choose are.

Choosing the right person shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to think about what the person will bring to the job and how will they fit into the culture and the purpose of your company.

The Story of Bank Lending and Small Businesses

Through the ages, people have borrowed money from lenders to fund businesses of all scales, from the smallest businesses to multi-national enterprises. It has been and continues to be an important part of the engine that keeps capitalism running. In this piece, we’ll explore the evolution of this age-long practice and evaluate the difference it makes for entrepreneurs today.

Evolution of lending

Enterprise Mobile App Development - Challenges and Solutions

Lately, enterprise mobility has been gaining a lot of attention of organizations since it has become the necessity of the time. Today, it is an important approach for company process and operation.

According to statistics, it is to forecast that the mobile workforce is soon going to reach $100 million alone in the USA. Maybe now we are clear that there is no need to bother about the future and growth of the enterprise mobility in the industry. Not just that, even enterprise mobile applications are already giving a good, hard time to consumer apps in terms of volume and range. Moreover, most of the employees are now preferring to bring in their own smartphones and tablets to workplaces and hence it is needed to ensure that the enterprise mobility apps are developed for users to envisage productivity and competence via the entire enterprise.

Brief Insight into the Rising Popularity of Social Media

Several people continue to join social media networks and are listed on a variety of social media platforms. Whether you use these sites for entertainment, personal interactions or business connections, there are social networks that are available to cater for everyone’s preference.

Social media has evolved from the formation of online niche communities that shared similar interests to a worldwide phenomenon that is based on the concept of accessibility. From pacesetters such as MySpace to current sensations like Instagram, the connectivity of these platforms has steadily been enhanced.

How Business Pros Move Their Companies to the Big Leagues

When your business is thriving, you might wonder how you can take it up and compete in the big leagues. Growing your business and soaring past the competition requires a great plan and a sound strategy. Keep these four tips in mind as you seek to move your company to the top of its industry.

Sponsor a Charitable Organization or Group

When your business is doing well, consider giving back to the community by sponsoring a charitable organization or group.

How To Handle Payroll As A Young Startup

Handling payments for contractors and freelancers is simple when you first launch your business. You make use of services like Paypal or directly wire the money you owe to your contractors at the end of each month. For most part, you may not even be handling W2 or 1099 forms for the IRS (similar forms exist for businesses outside the US).