November, 2020

5 Reasons Why CPD Accredited Courses are Important for Training Employees

Due to a very competitive market and overgrowing businesses in the industry, it is very hard for employees and workers to stand out in front of managers. Being known specifically as part of a team is a very difficult job. CPD accredited training courses give them a chance to stand out and polish their skills, which will be beneficial for them in various ways. This step may prove suitable for their future career as well. When talking about staff members, their immediate concern is always career progression or else they are just wasting themselves finding employment opportunities while potentially losing their skills over the passage of time.

How to Optimize Your Business Going into 2021

Have you been considering how to optimize your business? 2021 is bound to be an exciting year filled with all manner of challenges. The time for you and your office to prepare to meet them is now. Here are some handy tips that will give you the edge you need to optimize your business for the new year fully.

Automating Your Infrastructure is a Key Move

When it comes to increasing your efficiency, it sometimes seems like you just can't do enough. Time and money are commodities that are always found to be in very short supply. But you can improve your stock of them by adopting many key measures. One of them will be to pursue the automation of certain tasks.

How to Improve Customer Service in an E-commerce Business

E-commerce businesses face a challenge that physical stores do not—they do not meet their customers in person. All their communications and interactions take place online or on the phone, which can leave some customers feeling like little more than a number to a faceless company. To ensure your e-commerce business stands out from the crowd, you need to show customers how much you value them at every stage of your relationship.

Growing your business: the importance of customer engagement

Trying to grow your small business? For many business owners just starting out, the focus is simply on improving their products or services. Build it, and they will come, right? While the quality and range of products and services your business provides are, of course, a priority, customer engagement is just as crucial.

Many small businesses make the mistake of forgetting to gather and action customer feedback, as they believe this is only important for larger, more established companies. This is an understandable but misguided belief. No matter how small your customer base, it’s absolutely vital to engage with them and try to gather honest feedback. Not only will this help to improve your business’s reputation for quality customer service, but it will give you an idea of what is working and what isn’t. You can use this information to help guide your development as a brand and to grow your customer base further.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020: How to Set Your Ecommerce up for Success

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are historically the most profitable days in the ecommerce calendar, with around 40% of shoppers making an online purchase on Black Friday 2019. 

With the uncertainty and difficulty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s understandable for small businesses to question how to best prepare for the holiday season. 

A Guide for Business Owners: How to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Has your company recently reached its profit potential? Have you exhausted all of your current options for future growth? If so, it’s high time you took a different approach. More to the point, it’s high time you took a risk and smashed through that proverbial glass ceiling! You’re never going to reach the pinnacle of your industry if you stagnate for too long, which is why you must always be on the lookout for ways to push your organization forward.

How to Give Your Budding Startup a Competitive Edge

No one can deny how exhilarating and exciting it can be to transform a mere idea into a viable product or service that can generate revenue. However, starting a new business venture - no matter the industry or trade - isn’t without its fair share of difficulties. When you get right down to it, not only does it require a considerable commitment of time, effort, and resources. But it can be more than just a little challenging for a startup to find its place amidst well-established companies. 

Effective Communication Tools to Help Turn a Poor Consumer Experience Into a Repeat Customer

No business owner wants their customers to have a negative experience. Unfortunately, sometimes lines get crossed in communications and some customers end up walking away unhappy. However, if you find yourself losing customers due to negative customer experiences, it doesn’t mean that you can’t bring them back by turning the situation around. People want to be heard, so if your company provided a negative experience—or if the customer felt it was negative—listen. By taking a look at effective communication tools, you can help turn those negative experiences into regular customers.

Road to Recovery Lessons from Mid-size Retailers

This year was hard on everyone. The global economy is in shambles and things seem to be getting worse. However, if there’s one thing worth mentioning about human resourcefulness, it’s the fact that it always shines the brightest in the darkest of hours. Mid-sized retailers have shown a particularly high level of resilience in face of this adversity. In fact, some of them already seem to be recuperating from an initially hard patch. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several recovery lessons from mid-size retailers that you should know about.

Reasons Why Fake Reviews Are Bad for Your Business

Online reviews, especially positive ones, attract people to do business with your brand. This is why every business owner wants every customer review they receive to be positive. Building an excellent online reputation is not easy, but research has shown that online reviews are one the best ways to do it. This explains why some business owners go to any length to have several positive online reviews. This includes outsourcing fake positive reviews to boost their star rating. It may seem like a good idea to post fake reviews, but below are some ways that fake reviews can hurt your business.