September, 2021

5 Impactful Sales Techniques That All B2Bs Need to Know

Every business needs to pursue an effective B2B sales strategy that would allow it to grow continuously. Of course, this is easier said than done. The world of B2B marketing and sales is also growing and evolving, and as such, it’s necessary to stay up to date with all the new digital trends, ways to communicate with the target audience, business processes, etc. That said if you’re looking to adopt some of the most impactful sales techniques for your B2B business, keep on reading.

1. Social Media Selling

One of the main reasons for the shift in the B2B sales is the change that occurs in the actual buyer process due to the natural generational switch in the target market. Namely, millennials take the biggest part of the modern audience and the way they discover products and engage with businesses has considerably moved to the realm of social media.

Getting Your Business Ready for Tax Season

No one looks forward to tax season. For most businesses, tax season can feel chaotic since it involves scrambling to find specific documents, such as financial business reports, previous tax returns, and various records and data. Then comes the hassle of filling out the necessary IRS forms, trying to meet the deadlines, and hoping beyond hope that you don’t get audited. All this is on top of still trying to run your business. However, you can take some of the stress out of tax season this year with just a little bit of forethought and preparation.

How to Bring Your Food and Beverage Business to the E-commerce World

Back in the 90s, the Internet opened its doors to online retail. Back then, clothing, electronics, and entertainment were front-and-center in e-commerce.


Until recently, we are seeing the food and beverage industry starting to catch up. So much so that long-standing brands like PepsiCo are spending billions of dollars on building e-commerce channels.

Marketing Strategies to Increase Retail Sales

The pandemic changed the retail-landscape, making traditional selling methods less effective, and forcing retail business owners to get creative to increase their retail sales and foot traffic. Studies and surveys are out to help marketeers grasp what really drives post-pandemic customers, and they are finding out some fascinating new trends and opportunities for retail store owners.


How to increase retail sales

Why Personalized Marketing is the Only Way Forward

Personalized marketing is being touted as the holy grail of modern marketing and sales and the only way forward for those serious about sustainable business practice. The internet and the new consumer influencer marketing have led to the demand for personalized or bespoke everything. We all want what those that we follow and admire have and yet want it made to our own specifications. This now includes the manner in which consumers expect to receive and process their marketing information. The consumer wants to feel special for the entire brand and product journey, including the marketing phase. The billboard has always aimed to speak directly to each passing consumer, but we have become even more intimate and personal.

Meeting Maslow: Six Rules Of Product Design Informed By Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are familiar to anyone who hit the Psychology 101 class in college. In essence, it’s a roadmap for human development - but what’s crucial about the theory is that individuals can’t be satisfied at any additional level until the needs of the previous level have been fully met.


It goes like this:

Management Tips to Enhance Productivity

We all know that we should be working smarter, not harder to achieve our personal and professional goals. We love the feeling of accomplishment and the feeling of well-being when you’ve made the right choices. As a manager or supervisor, it’s your responsibility to promote this type of productive work environment with your staff. Let’s explore a few creative management tips proven to enhance productivity.

3 Tips to Improve Your Proposal Process

A business proposal is one of the best ways to pitch an idea and your services to clients. While creating a proposal seems easy, there are various details involved in the process. Your ability to be well organized and thorough in making a good proposal is essential. However, it can be a challenge if you are new to writing business proposals.

How to expand your business without overstretching your finances

If you are running a business and you think it is time for an expansion, you need to consider several factors. 


The first and most important point to consider is that you should avoid overstretching your finances. 


This is because, even if you have run the numbers and you believe that the expansion is a low-risk proposition, you cannot guarantee that you will maintain (or preferably) increase your number of customers. This point may also be influenced by outside factors such as the health of the economy and changing dynamics within your industry.


Therefore, it is sensible to avoid becoming overstretched by the cost of expanding. If you can’t recoup the money if you lose a few customers, then you risk falling into debt and even administration. 

How to Quit Your Job to Start a Business?

It's an ambiguous feeling, starting your own business. There is a lot of excitement involved; no doubt about that. But there is also a hint of fear. Indeed, regardless of how exhilarating embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship is, it carries a set of difficulties that many find daunting. Still, if you have a million-dollar idea, go for it. After all, as Hellen Keller put it in one of her manuscripts, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." So, if there was once a spark somewhere in the back of your head, and you cultivated that spark until it grew into a full-blown flame waiting to burst out and take the world by a storm, it's worth seeing where it can take you. But first, you have to quit your job to start a business. And that is what we will help you with.