Go Green Go is Going …….and Wants to hear from YOU!

Since the birth of Go Green Go” – one of the greatest challenges has been the process of making decisions. This process can be painfully slow and full of uncertainty, particularly if you are a one man show.

The Development and Sharing of the Idea with Friends

It all starts when a little voice in your head says “Hey, have you ever thought of doing _______?” (You get to fill in the blank.) You keep thinking about the idea, rolling it around and around in your brain. The little thought grows and evolves until you can actually put words to the idea and intelligently describe the vision to others. The next step is to tell a few people about your idea, usually the first victims are your close friends. This is a very scary step, because you are putting “IT” out there. You’re putting your brainchild on the line, along with your ego, and waiting to see their reaction. Do they think your idea has value or do they try to keep the laughter at bay?

I started out sharing with some very close, trusted friends. Those were the “easy” people to share the idea with. That’s why they are called “friends”. Once you get the “Good Friend Seal of Approval”, your brain just takes over and you’re like a pot of coffee brewing. You continue to percolate - one drop at a time unit you have a pot full of “vision”, ready for the pouring. All those little drops that make up the pot of “vision” are comprised of decisions. The Dreaded Decisions. Why do I say “dreaded decisions”? Because they are so hard to make – if you’re like me you are constantly second guessing yourself. But at some time you just have to go ahead and make that decision. So, take the feedback, both good and bad, evaluate the information and go with your “gut” reaction. You’ve come this far, you can’t give up now, because if you do you will never know if you had that million dollar idea or not – it will always nag you.

Some Basics before you Share More

So, here you go - You’ve got the idea, now it’s a concept, a real thing. It has started to take on a life of its own. You’ve had some positive feedback from friends. Now what? If you’re serious about going forward you need to make some – yep – decisions. Decide on the company name, register the name, start to think about a logo design, business cards, website, products and that’s just for starters. I have found that the only thing that has not changed since the beginning is the name of the company. Go Green Go….has remained constant. All the other items continue to evolve.

Sharing with People that are not Friends

You can now start to share the idea with a few people that you might not consider close friends… but only after you have legally protected the name and your logo. After protecting your idea - This is the stage where the “rubber meets the road” so to speak. These people that you share your idea with don’t have to be nice to you; they are not your friends (yet). They can afford to be honest – they don’t need to keep you happy. Now you will start to get some sense of reality concerning your project or idea. The feedback that I enjoyed the most (if it was positive) was from total strangers – I would hand them a business card, explain the concept and then I would watch their reaction – not so much the words but the body language and facial expressions. The words were secondary in comparison to the body language and their gut reaction. It was so sweet to hear “Wow, this is a cool idea; I like it.” Those are the comments that keep the idea alive and moving forward.

Positive Attitude – A Must Have

During this whole process one of the most important elements that you need to continue to develop your vision is a Positive Attitude. Don’t get bogged down by details – like “How is this ever going to work?” One of the best books that I read on this is “Infinite Possibilities” by Mike Dooley. This is very similar to “The Secret”, which is an excellent book on thinking positive thoughts i.e. the Law of Attraction. In a nut shell – you attract what you think. So think positive thoughts, not negative ones.

Mike Dooley’s book takes it a step further – if you want to manifest your dream – you need to do more than sit around all day just thinking about what you want, you need to take action. Just put one foot in front of each other. Work with what you have and don’t worry about the “Hows”. Like “How am I going to get that done?”, or “How is that ever going to work?” Mike refers to this as the “Cursed Hows!” You will be overwhelmed if you continue to worry about the “Hows”. You can become paralyzed by them, so don’t go down that road. You are to do all that you can do with all that you have been given and let the rest happen….. His motto “Thoughts Become Things…..Think the Good Ones.”tm

Let the Games Begin

So, that’s where we are… Decisions have been made. There will be more. Feedback has been taken into consideration. There will be more. There will be constant information gathering and reevaluating of our products and image.

So, since I like feedback – I’d love to hear from you, yes, this means you, if you’ve read to the bottom of the blog or even if you skipped to the bottom of the blog – I’m not particular – I love feedback both positive and negative. Okay, so negative feedback is not my favorite kind of feedback, but I do like honesty and it is a way to learn from others. So, if you’re an Idea Café regular or just a guest – let me hear from you. Just send a short email – it won’t be too painful. Just let us know what you think of the vision and concept – remember – you are strangers you can say whatever you want, you don’t have to keep me happy. I like to be happy – but it’s not your job to keep me happy. Just make a DECISION and write to me!!!!

Just drop me an email – [email protected]

Remember - as you work on your vision always keep a positive attitude – because “Thoughts Become Things – Think the good ones.” - Mike Dooley.


About the author

Susan Jenkins is the founder of Go Green Go, a T-shirt business that promotes eco-friendly activities, such as walking, hiking, biking, sailing, etc. To learn more, visit http://justgogreengo.com/.


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