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Here at IdeaCafe we were thinking of possibilities to create new networking opportunities for the thousands of Idea Cafe Regulars. And then it hit us: we can use the existing social platforms! So, you are hereby cordially invited to join Idea Cafe on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Click on the links to join the Idea Cafe community on the respective online service.

Our pages are relatively new, and we expect membership to grow. We will be keeping the pages updated with the latest small business news. If you have any questions, remarks, or proposals, feel free to post them in the comments.


Joined your Facebook page but

Joined your Facebook page but am disappointed to see there isn't much there. I find it easier to keep up with Facebook than with Twitter (which I also follow you on) and have suggested your FB profile to others I know. Please give us more food for thought. :)

helpful information indeed.

helpful information indeed. thanx for your sharing with all of us. continue your great job, and always gain my support.

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