May, 2018

How to Survive the Downsides of Running a Small Business

When you are embarking on your journey of self-employment and running your own small business, you may have visions of more flexibility to your working day, increased financial reward and autonomy, but the reality of working for yourself can be different to your expectations. If you are feeling a little jaded about your situation, read on for solutions for common issues that affect the self-employed.

The Secret to Succeeding in SEO as a Beginner - Brush Up on The Fundamentals before Getting into The Game

The world of SEO and online marketing can often feel overwhelming to someone who has just stepped in. From continually evolving search engine algorithms to advanced technicalities of optimisation, there is so much to baffle you. However, there is a method to this madness. SEO follows a set of logical (almost mathematical) principles based on which every website is assessed.


As a newcomer, you need to go back to the beginning and learn the fundamentals before advancing to the more complex stages. It would be your first step towards eventually mastering SEO and becoming a respected expert in the field. Since search engine optimisation has such a long and winding history, it is natural for you not know where to begin. Below is a brief discussion that is sure to help you out!

How to Run Your Business Successfully without Financial Failure

When running a business, you’ll want to stay on top of your finances so that you won’t run into money troubles. Being wise with your money can help you stay in business longer and keep you out of debt. Here are four pieces of advice that you should follow if you want to keep your company out of financial jeopardy.

5 Twitter Accounts Small Business Owners Should Follow

This appears to be conundrum for many business owners, knowing who to follow on Twitter that will be beneficial for their small business.

Many have mixed feelings towards Twitter as a business platform, however, if you're a small business owner who finds Twitter a pointless platform for your business, perhaps it's because you aren't following the right accounts?

Effective SEO Techniques That Would Definitely Work for Your Business


These days most of the businesses have a website of their own. Your website is like your company’s online face. It is built to bring you more business. And all of us, while searching the Internet tend to limit ourselves to considering the options that are listed on the first page. Very seldom we search the following pages.

Is Email List Segmentation Necessary for Your Marketing Efforts – Taking a Closer Look

Where it used to be that marketing and advertising campaigns relied on traditional avenues such as newspapers, television, and radio ads, times have changed in the past few decades and today, marketing has taken on a digital approach. With that said, businesses have come to the realisation that one of the most effective marketing routes is to create an email marketing campaign that is targeted and specific.

How to Start a Business for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Let me tell you a little secret: I’ve never thought about opening my own business. I thought I would work in a 9-5 job, day-in-day-out, until I retired. Everything changed when my husband Michael asked, “why don’t we open a cat café?” When we realized this was something that we definitely wanted to do, we had to figure out if it was something that we actually could do. How do you open a cat café? If you do manage to open one, how do you know if you’ll make enough money to keep it open? What if we started this business and it didn’t succeed? What was the backup plan? Where would a business like this thrive, and where would it even be allowed? At first, there was a myriad of answers we didn’t know, and we didn’t even have the right questions to ask.

How to Get More Exposure for Your Brand Logo

In the history of promotional products, can you guess the first ever made? Hint: It wasn’t a pen, T-shirt or tote. It was a button. When George Washington became the first president of the U.S. in 1789, commemorative buttons were created to celebrate the election and our newly formed country.

Hundreds of years later, we are still celebrating with promotional products. Except now, when you look at a promotional item with a brand logo, you aren’t thinking about the product’s long history; you’re thinking how useful, cool or weird the item is.

Benefits of Having a Website for Your Business

If you don’t have a website set up for your business already, there are numerous reasons why you should think about setting one up. Especially in modern times where internet access is the norm and would be the first place that people go to look for things.

Less Expensive

In terms of advertising your services or products, owning a website is likely cheaper than most other avenues. It may seem expensive to set one up, but there are various ways to lessen this cost and, in the end, it can be very cheap. For ideas on how to design your website or tips to set one up in the first place, visit websites such as Web Designer Hub. Also, the costs of creating a website and maintaining one can be completely negated through effective advertising. Just make sure that the adverts are not intrusive to a customer’s experience on your site, or the adverts can have an adverse effect.

4 Ways You Can Increase Your Business’s Revenue

The point of being in business, for most entrepreneurs, is to actually make massive revenue. Nailing it in your local market is the key to staying in business. Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to truly reach their customer base even in their own local market. This leads to a constant slump in revenue that cannot be sustained for long. Here are four business tips to help your company increase its revenue to something that is much closer to a sustainable level for your business needs.