August, 2019

3 Things to Watch Out for as an Online Entrepreneur

Running a small business is hard - you do not have an easy access to capital as much as you would like. Growing your customer base from scratch can be tricky. And most importantly, your business does not have enough buffer to survive when things go wrong.

Increasing Employee Productivity Without Sacrificing Happiness

Several pillars support any business' success. Two of these components are employee productivity and happiness, which share a precarious balance.

It's crucial to set goals and attempt to motivate employees. However, if you go too far, you can negatively impact happiness, which will ultimately lead to disaster. While employees under pressure perform at first, in the long term, their productivity will wane and they might even quit.

How Can Businesses Benefit from SMS Business Text Messaging?

It goes without saying that any business that wishes to last for any length of time needs to have an efficient communication system set in place. No matter the type of business, without good internal and external communication there is little chance of success.


In recent decades, there have been several communication methods that most businesses relied on, namely phone and email. Recently, however, business text messaging software is becoming more and more popular as a form of communication.

6 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Blog Successful

Anyone can start a blog. With a computer, an internet connection, and less than $50, anyone can buy a domain and set up a pretty good looking WordPress blog. But there’s a big difference between having a blog site, and actually having a successful blog.


Yes, success could be measured in several ways. It all simply depends on what the purpose of your blog is. Whether you want to drive more traffic to your business website, or earn a passive income from blogging, you need to have some level of blog success.

A Closer Look At WordPress' Ease Of Use For Small Business Owners

A mobile app development company can help a small business in a variety of ways. This is especially true of a small business that is looking to get the most out of the WordPress platform. Whether the mobile app development company is assisting their client with an app or directing them to a top WordPress web developer, there is much to learn.

4 Things to Remember Before Leasing a Car

It’s easy to see why many people today prefer leasing rather than vehicle ownership. After all, not only are the monthly payments cheaper than the financing associated with the purchase of a vehicle but there’s also no risk of depreciation either. And while its benefits appear trivial to some, it makes a difference to the majority of us who can ill-afford to spend a small fortune on a brand-new car.

Voting deadline for grant winner extended by one month

Deadline extended to 1st September 2019

Good news for all finalists who have a strong desire to win the 20th Small Business Grant! Hope is not lost, here’s a bonus month for you to rally up your clients, friends and families to help you win the big prize!

Competition is heating up!

8 Tips To Help Define A Professional Working Space For Your New Business

The most important factor affecting the ROI of any business is the productivity of the workers. The more productive the workers, the more is the supply of quality work to the employer, which affects the success of the business directly.

Due to various distractions, disengagements, and discomfort, the productivity of the businesses is decreasing. To keep productivity high, the business owners need to ensure that the employees are at their comfort and are not easily distracted. Below are 8simple tips to help define a professional working space for your new business to enhance the productivity of the workers.

How Google Adsense Calculator Helps To Calculate Business Revenue

Ø  Need of an Adsense Calculator

You have a website with a decent quantity of traffic operating and running. Now is the time to let advertisers advertise their goods and websites on your website. You need to use an Adsense calculator to calculate your income, if you choose Google AdSense for that purpose.

Google is the world's most commonly used search engine. Every manager and proprietor of the blog expects Google to index and classify their own website. For the website master, this implies that Google has acknowledged and ranks the website on its Google engine.

Immediate Business Growth: Figure out the Rate-Limiting Step in Your Growth

One of the most important factors that determine the growth rate of a business is how fast it depletes its cash reserves. In business terms, this is referred to as the cash burn rate. It’s a measure of the direction in which your cash is moving, and how fast.

Startups benefit a lot from keeping track of their cash burn rate. The common practice is to use funds to generate growth for the business then aim for positive cash flow before the money is depleted.