July, 2020

For What Do You Stand?

I really had no intention of teaching myself an important lesson that day. I thought I was just drinking coffee.

But there I was, sitting in a local Starbucks with my friend and fellow business owner Victoria. We were talking about the usual stuff: Our families, the weather and, of course, swapping ideas to help our respective businesses.

5 Dangers of Phone System Downtime and Interruptions for Your Small Business

For your company to be successful over the long term, you have to maintain productivity in the office, enable seamless communication with your customers, and never waste lead generation and conversion opportunities. Consequently, all of this can be ruined by something as simple and arbitrary as a phone system failure or interruption. Having a comprehensive phone system is crucial for maintaining employee productivity and improving efficiency in the workplace, but also for improving various sales and customer support processes along the way.

Different ways Salespeople Can Identify the Right Decision-Makers!

Do you know, as a salesperson all your efforts are in vain if you are not in touch with the right decision making management or a decision-maker of any buying company? A decision-maker is a person or group of people who make all the buying decisions and give purchase orders. And any company or a salesperson approaching such a company must get in touch with them to crack a deal. If you are talking to a company’s employees to get a deal, you are seriously wasting your time there. Hence, it’s imperative to connect with decision-makers who can actually help you get some business.

6 Smart Productivity Tips so You Can Work From Home Better

Working from home is the new normal that a lot of professionals are trying to adapt to recently.

If it's your first time working from home, it can initially seem like one of the best things that could happen to you. However, as you continue to do it for a bit longer, you realize that it also has its own set of challenges that you need to overcome.

Some Important Things For Newly Opened Beauty Salon?

Fashion trends keep on evolving, and there's an increased need for people to care for their looks. Nowadays, many people frequent beauty parlors for stunning styles or beauty products. Nonetheless, if you're into the salon business, you require high-quality salon equipment to run your business efficiently. Things like cushioned chairs, mirrors, dryers, and towels are a must-have. Moreover, employ professional stylists, and this ensures that your clients get superior services.


Check out critical things that you need for your new beauty salon:

Why Small Business Owners Need to Have Proper Liability Insurance for Painters

Painting is one of the most popular business industries in the world. But like any other business out there, painting has its share of risks. Some of these risks are minor but others are serious and can have a negative implication towards your painting company.

To protect your painting business against such risks, you must ensure that you get proper liability insurance for your painters. Small businesses in particular will need liability insurance because of their limited budget. But generally, every business in the painting industry needs liability insurance for its painters.

Enterprise Software Applications Every Business Needs

Every business entity in existence relies heavily on technology on a daily basis for a variety of core processes. Be it customer research, internal communication, workload management, all the way to HR strategizing or payroll improvement, software solutions are the go-to remedy for all kinds of complex processes and issues. Today, in the midst of a pandemic, even more than before, as companies switch to working remotely and try their best to adapt to these unusual circumstances.

Even after the pandemic, companies will still need technology and enterprise-level solutions to keep their operations moving forward. Considering the sheer amount of options out there, business leaders often have a hard time selecting the few solutions that they actually need and that they’ll use consistently. To enhance your ability to grow and to let your business advance, use the following software applications in your everyday operations. 

A Guide for Online Entrepreneurs: Two Ways You Can Take Your Web-Based Business to the Next Level

No matter what type of web-based business it is you run, whether it’s an e-commerce store or an online SaaS company, you should always be looking for ways to take it to the next level. So long as you and your online organization are constantly moving forward, you will remain on course to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur.

3 Great Ways To Run A Business Online

There has never been a better time to set up an online business because the internet is experiencing explosive growth. Let us take a look at three great ways to run a business online.


1. Sell products by drop shipping

Drop shipping requires no major experience to set up. The business risk is small, and the operating expenses are low. The key thing to remember is that you don't purchase or manufacture and hold inventory yourself; you buy this at a reduced cost from a wholesaler who then packages it and ships it to your customer on your behalf. Your time and effort is simply put into finding those customers and making sales, usually through platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

Best Contact Management Practices for Your Business

There was a time when businesses relied on paperwork to store important information such as appointments, tasks, contacts, etc. Business contacts had to be arranged according to names, products, departments, or any other category that best describes the contact information. And paperwork was an important part of running a business.