5 LinkedIn Tips for Entrepreneurs

Linkedin has 135 million professional members who have been segmented in accordance with their industries and specific demographics. Many small business owners around the world have found their business partners and potential customers through LinkedIn's powerful search.

There are many success stories which have helped businesses grow in many directions through LinkedIn. Every small business owner should hire a dedicated social media team in order to take advantage from limited and free resources.

Five Crucial Things You Must Do To Build Your Business With Social Networking

The age of social networking is more than upon us-it is becoming INGRAINED in us. Many of us are so addicted that we can hardly get out of bed before we begin checking to see status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Reconnecting with old friends and staying in touch with current ones are great reasons to use social networks-but what about using them to market your business?

The fact is, those same networks that you are using to share pictures and reminisce about old times can be great sources of income for your business. In addition, there are plenty of social networks out there that are made specifically for doing just that.

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