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Assertive Questions to Ask on Sales Appointments

It can be very easy for would-be prospects to get so trapped in everyday living and commitments that they often miss the main issue affecting their business, constantly pushing out important current concerns for the pressing issue of the day.

However, days can quickly slip away to become weeks, or even months. In the mean time, the prospect’s obstacles continue to be unresolved and buried behind tasks at hand, and suppressing future growth.  Whether setting appointments or meeting clients face-to-face, ask assertive questions, highlight your buyers problems, and generate an impression of seriousness that can compel him to pull back and contemplate the big picture.

Which Business Model Is Right For Me?

Dozens of business models are available for anyone interested in becoming a business owner. The right one for you depends on several factors including financing, expertise and your goals.

In this article we will touch on three business models. They are franchises, independent businesses and internet marketing.

Limited Funds Doesn’t Mean Limited Marketing

A small business has a great product to offer potential clients but the marketing budget is close to or in the red. Is there any hope of spreading the word and avoiding a major financial issue?

In a day and age when small businesses are attempting to do more with less, effectively marketing one’s company when funds are tight can be like walking on egg shells. 

Five Undeniable Ways To Make Your Small Business More Productive

Innovating new ways to improve the productivity of your business should definitely be your top priority. Ideas flash your mind, suggestions pop up; some seem terrific and some get discarded and some turn ineffective when implemented, the key is to look out for new ways to improve productivity. Here we have identified similar activities which can take your business to the next level.

Maximize Business Automation

As a Woman, What Do You View Retirement to Be Like?

As a woman young or old, have you thought about what your retirement life will be like? Does it include being financially sound and not having to worry about running out of money?

A recent report from BMO Financial Group points out that even though they are less financially set for retirement, women are finding themselves happier in retired life than their male counterparts. Much of that happiness resonates from having had friendships with people over time, especially other women in later years.

Increase Focus On Your Target Market To Grow Your Small Business

Focusing on the target market is crucial for any business to grow irrespective of its size; however as a small business it becomes even more crucial as you do not have the luxury of huge investments to experiment with marketing to larger or supplementary markets.

A single look at your product or service may not be enough to decide your target market or ideal buyer, as is normally perceived by most businesses. This understanding of your ideal buyer will go on in defining your target market. For instance, a fashion boutique shouldn’t target all women, rather define their ideal buyer based on the kind that they sell, if it is more suited to working women, then your target market becomes all working women rather than focusing on all women groups. So our first task is to:

The Difference Between Venture Capital and Working Capital Why Knowing the Difference Can Help Your Business Survive

It is not uncommon for business owners suffering through a cash flow crunch to determine that bringing on an equity partner or investor, such as a venture capitalist or angel investor, will solve all their problems. Unfortunately, during my 28 years in the alternative business finance industry, I have seen many businesses fail due to this kind of thinking.

The Fight in Washington, D.C. and Its Impact on Small Businesses

As the politicians fought recently for what seemed like an eternity over raising the debt ceiling, the true impact was being felt nationwide by both small business owners and those who cannot find work.

Given that many Americans either cannot grasp or chose not to look at the trillions of dollars making up the federal debt, they likely felt that this was just more political wrangling taking place on both sides of the aisle. Well, it is much more than just defaulting on a debt.

How Promotional Marketing Products Can Be Your Important Partner in Increasing Customer Loyalty

Distributing promotional marketing products is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty towards your business.  It has been proven time and again that by giving more to your customers, you also gain much.  This is especially true when what you have give products of value.

How Does Promotional Products Work

Facebook Marketing Done The Right Way

Facebook marketing refers to the use of this popular social networking site to create ads that target a specific audience. Increasingly, this is becoming not only a wanted, but a necessary step to recognition and continual profits. As a social networking site, this site is not only popular now, but adds hundreds of new potential consumers daily, all while showing no sign of diminishing or slowing growth. Learn more in the paragraphs below.

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