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Things required to be done to make your small business successful

Many of the people think they are not meant for regular employment and do not want to work under any boss. It is very much possible that these people may not be of sound financial background and they may want to get ahead with Small business and gradually want to reach at medium level and then big. But do you know most of the business people do not get sufficient revenue to get onto the next step and some- times results into shut down of the firm.

3 Easy Steps to More Profits in Your Business

Most service professionals know that they need to market their business consistently to get great results. But knowing and doing are two very different things. It can seem challenging to market consistently when you’re so busy serving your clients, actually running your company, and trying to take care of and enjoy the other aspects of your life.

Developing an Effective Email Based Marketing Campaign

An effective email based marketing campaign requires that you first build a list and then develop trust with these same people! In order to build a list you must first drive traffic to your squeeze page where you can accumulate a list of email addresses! Once this is done it is then up to you to develop a relationship and build trust with your list members. At this point this is when the real 'magic' begins to occur!

Step-By-Step Social Media for Smart Entrepreneurs

Social MediaHere is a simple step-by-step social media plan you can use to make your presence known on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and take advantage of the popularity of this game changing marketing strategy starting TODAY.

It isn't rocket science, but for a lot of service professionals, a simple step-by-step social media plan seems difficult to create. Yet, developing one takes all the intimidation and guess work out of using this popular tool for business marketing. If you've been holding off on using social media to market your services, then you'll be especially interested in today's article. Implement the following five steps and get ready to watch your business grow like never before.

David vs. Goliath: How Small Vendors Can Meet Cash Flow Challenges

David vs. GoliathDuring my dozen-plus years in the alternative financing industry, I have seen what I call the “David vs. Goliath” scenario play out so many times that I can usually spot it within the first few minutes of talking to a small business owner about his cash flow challenges. Here’s a common example of how it usually looks:

5 Great Benefits of Going Green Right from the Start

going greenTake one look around the business world and it is easy to see that there are many different ways in which businesses are looking to go green. Whether you are talking about huge businesses using a GPS fleet tracking system or a small business using document management software, it is apparent that there are many different ways in which your small business can go green right from the start. In fact, the sooner you go green the more benefits you will be able to receive as a result.

Facebook Outpaces Google as a means for Merchants to Market Their Local Business

According to a new survey conducted by MerchantCircle, Facebook is the favorite online marketing service of small businesses, and Facebook Places is doing quite well, too. 37 percent of the respondents defined Facebook as one of their most effective tools.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Facebook has now outpaced Google (66 percent) as the most broadly used marketing method amongst local merchants. Facebook is seemed as the most popular way for merchants to market their business, with 70 percent using the social network for marketing, up from 50 percent one year ago.

Indispensable SEO Tools

One of the questions that I get asked at least every couple of months is what kind of basic tools do you use for SEO?  The truth of the matter is that while I might use a specific tool to research keywords or a tool to watch traffic closely, I find that there are a few tools available, all of which are free and indispensable - and help me with my day to day projects.  Whether you are looking at your competition, tracking your page rank, or l

3 Good Signs Small Business is Back in Business

There was a while when it looked like small businesses were on their way out. Giant multinational corporations were choking out the systems which once supported the smaller businesses. Whether it is due to better awareness or because more people simply want to see small businesses surviving is not sure. What is sure is that small businesses are springing up everywhere you see.

Google Strikes Back Against Black Hat SEO

Many people in the SEO/SEM community are talking about the recent article in the New York Times titled: "The Dirty Little Secrets of Search".

A quick synopsis of the article is that J.C. Penney hired an SEO company to help it rank as high as possible. The SEO company (unknown to J.C. Penney according to the company) implemented a wide range of black hat techniques including placing possibly tens of thousands of backlinks all across the internet in an attempt to game Google's algorithm. However, after Google finding out that J.C. Penney was ranking so high for so many top keywords, Google has been forced to reprimand J.C. Penney releasing a statement against the company and ensuring that none of the black hat SEO tricks influence the results. Since the discovery, J.C. Penney has dropped precipitously in the rankings for many of its keywords and effectively disappeared for many others. It should also be noted that there is a possible side story (a controversy) that since J.C. Penney is one of Google's largest advertisers, it is, of course, possible that Google may have looked the other way until it couldn't look away any longer.

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