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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint: A Guide For Small Businesses

We live in an age which is increasingly concerned with global climate change, and the term ‘carbon footprint’ is familiar to many of us. In its most basic terms, a carbon footprint is calculated based on the greenhouse gas emissions produced by an individual or organisation.

The emissions generated by even the smallest of businesses can be significant, and many small corporations are rightly striving to reduce the impact they have on the environment.

6 Steps of Customer Service For All Small Businesses: Master Them and You Will Succeed

Customer service. It’s a phrase freely tossed around by everyone from multi-million dollar corporations to mom-and-pop businesses in hopes of luring customers with the promise of exceptional service. All too often, it’s an empty promise that results in customers who disappear, taking with them any hopes of increased sales and profits.

Big Opportunities for Small Businesses

The biggest success a entrepreneur can have when starting a business, is getting a big customer. Small businesses or small suppliers look for big businesses to buy their products, so that businesses have a steady stream of orders to fulfill and make money off. Big companies are starting to realize that there is much to gain by finding a small supplier that is capable of providing the niche products that more and more consumers are looking for. As a result, more and more big businesses are starting to connect more and more with small businesses in order to service the mass consumer market.

A Survey Finds Small Businesses Driving Growth through Online and Social Media Channels

The majority of small business owners are increasing their use of the Internet and social media platforms to grow their business, according to a new survey conducted by Citibank. It was also discovered that small business owners under the age of 45 are the primary drivers of increased online efforts.

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